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I have bought cat grass before and she would take a little bite but then the grass would just turn yellow
but I bought some that you grow yourself and she goes nuts over it really eats it a lot


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much cheaper too! happy dance


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I think when you grow it at home the grass is more young and tender.

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We all LOVE the grow your own cat grass! It is a lot more tender and Meowma thinks it is a lot fresher too! Did you know that you can plat as much as you want, and not plant it all at the same time?
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I bought a 5 pound bag of seeds on Amazon for $12, and grow it in big tubs on the balcony. They love the stuff. I just cut some every day and give it to them in a dish. They go crazy over it.

For people who can't grow their own, check your local grocery store's salad isle. My local Safeway started stocking wheat grass, and it's a whole lot cheaper than the same thing at the pet store. At the pet store a tub goes for almost $5, at Safeway the same size tub is about $1. I bet it's fresher, too, since it's for people! So that could be an option.


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Inside the house, we only have one place that might get enough light to grow cat grass. That having been said, the cats would access to it when it's just dirt, when it's seedlings that haven't taken root yet, and it'd probably never make it to actual grass stage.

I'm contemplating a hanging planter that raises and lowers, and using that inside to grow the grass until it's old enough to survive cats. If one works, then I could get another and always have one in rotation.

Any pots outside are sure to get ants as residents, so even when it warms up a bit outside, I'm not sure how useful trying to grow cat grass outside would be.


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I have been considering cat grass for Tia, but wasn't sure of the nutritional value.

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Cat grass has no nutritional value shrug Cats just like to eat grass for the taste/texture. Some people say that cats eat grass to soothe an upset stomach shrug

Eating too much grass at one time can result in vomiting so watch your cat carefully and make sure he doesn't pull up clumps of grass and gobble it all down. Human feeds a single piece of grass at a time and doesn't give more than 10 pieces or so.


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I buy organic kitty grass in the pot and water it everyday and keep it in the windowsill so it gets sun and my cat can sit and enjoy the sun and nibble on her grass. She really like's it and it is so good for her, has lot's of fiber. If taken care of the grass should stay green and fresh and continue to grow for about 2-3 weeks.