Help! Having trouble putting weight on our rescue!

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Purred: Sat Jan 5, '13 4:03pm PST 
i had the same problem with 2 of my cats my vet said to put them on a cookied rice and went food diet for a few weeks and it sure did help


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Purred: Sat Jan 5, '13 7:55pm PST 
Sounds like Tom has a petite frame so he'll be on the small side. You didn't mention his approximate age. If he's young, he's probably really active. I'd check into a high protein, nutrient dense kibble and maybe bump his wet feedings to twice daily. I'm not familiar with the nutritional content of Whiskas. If you can, you can bump the wet twice with Whiskas or you can seek out a more nutrient rich wet food. We all heat Nutro over here. Nutro has 2 lines, Max Cat and Nutro Natural Choice. Nutro Max Cat is the more economical of the 2 budget wise.


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Purred: Sun Jan 6, '13 6:17pm PST 
Typically cats get too fat, BUT someyimres this happens. Here at the Nurmese Army headquarters, we do NOT tend to overewat and here is what our human has found to be effective...
remember, cats, this cat is too SKINNY!
Read the label--wet food is 70% water. So limit wet to one small serv ing a day.
Feed a high fat dry food--our show boys that are more worried about girls than eating sometimes, but (gasp) Fancy Feast dry and Chicken Soup brands help keep the weight on. If you can't stand the thought of these. look up Young Again holistic caqt foods. You have to order them , they are not in stores, but they are very good for putting on weight--loww card but high protein/fat. Tho really, carb content does not bother our person since we don't overeat here.


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Purred: Mon Jan 7, '13 2:52pm PST 
Along with the kitten food, you could try some freeze dried treats like chicken breast. Pure protein to put on muscles. Felix was very sick & underweight, so along with his kitten wet food my vet had me give him Nutrical paste. You can mix it in the food or syringe. It helped "beef" him up


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Purred: Fri Jan 11, '13 9:17am PST 
I would have to agree with the Kitten food idea. I was a very tiny kitten when Meowma found me. I would scarf down a whole can of Nutro Max Kitten, and still want more! So she bought me the Max Kitten dry and that did the trick. I was never scarfing down my wet after that. Now just look at me. I am 10 -12 lbs and not an ounce of fat on me at all! My Vet Ladies just love me! Even though you are older, well no longer a kitten, I would still start out with a kitten food and once start to gain weight,cut back and go to the Adult Max Cat Chicken food. Meowma has been feeding Nutro for over 24 years now.That is why she asked to work part time for them, doing the in store demos and such. Best of luck and remember that 1 lb is like 5 lbs in a person and it may take time. Please keep us informed as to how things go. cat on moon

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Purred: Sun Jan 13, '13 11:56pm PST 
Might want to try canned Wellness Chicken or Turkey which is high calorie, high protein & fat content.
plus leave out some of a similar kibble like the Wellness Core or Merrick's Before Grain or Innova Evo.
That's kind of like feeding kitten food since those are all life stages foods.

If you want to try some kitten food, a kitten food kibble that seems to be helpful to put weight on is Royal Canin Babycat.

and if this doesn't work, and your vet is sure there are not parasites, I would second the idea of a novel protein food like duck, rabbit or venison. I had IBD and the internal med vet suggested Natures Variety. I loved the venison. We got both raw and canned, and it helped me put some weight on.

If you keep having a problem with keeping weight on, then you may need to consider some more tests like for pancreatic enzyme insufficiency.
It's not bad to be a bit on the thin side - it's actually healthy -- but not so good if your ribs are all visible and your hipbones are sharply jutting out etc.
Hope you will get this solved!

With cats I always would be concerned about making sure they get enough moisture, since there have been studies that found that cats on a dry diet get only up to half the amount of water as cats on wet food, including both the content of the food and what they drank. Cats descend from wildcats in North Africa who evolved to get their water from their food (prey) and did not develop a strong thirst drive. So no matter what the other issues going on, I would want to have wet food as at least half of the diet, because its healthier in the long run for urinary tract and kidneys. ( I had a urethral blockage once when i was about 4 and it was NO fun! It was very painful and I could have died from it!)

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