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Hi Everyone! So I'm pretty confused with all this kitten/adult food thing. I went to Petco the other day, and they told me do NOT feed my 12 week old kitten Lily adult food. The thing is, she thinks shes too old for kitten food now, and will not eat it. So, I started her on adult food. She likes it. I get it that babies need extra protein and fats, but is adult really all that bad for her growth and development? I feed her pretty good stuff.. I have Blue, Natural Balance, Royal Canin, Soulistic, Good Karma, and Fancy Feast. She and her other sister Callie (7 months) both like these. Are there any other kitten brands out there that I haven't tried yet? They are both already so picky. I also feed them Iams hard kitten food, and they both nibble on that, but much prefer their soft foods. Any suggestions? Or is it okay with what I'm feeding them?

Thanks for your input!


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Cats and kittens do best on an all-wet diet so the hard dry food isn't necessary unless you're gone all day and want to leave something for them to snack on. They need the extra moisture that wet food provides since they don't drink as much as dogs do. Most wet foods are formulated for all life stages so there's no need to buy them kitten specific food.


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Kitten foods generally have more protein in standard brands, but as the above poster said, most good quality foods have a "cat and kitten" formula that caters to both. Pick a good quality wet food (no mystery ingredients or grains, preferably) and she will be a-ok on a grown up formula.

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Hunter did the same thing when he was little. He had this attitude like "I'm too big for baby food!" I talked to my vet about it, and he gave a great analogy. He told me that if Hunter was in the wild, there would be no mice with a label that said "for kittens only" a mouse is a mouse regardless. So he said, Hunter can have adult food, it wasn't a problem. I think Hunter was 5 months old when I put him on adult food. He hasn't had a problem.

Try and stick with grain free wet food.

I feed Hunter: Fancy Feast (Classics only) Natures Variety, Merricks BG, Addiction Foods. Hunter also gets several proteins to mix it up: Buffalo, beef, chicken, quail, Venison, Lamb, Duck, some Liver, Rabbit. Hes a very healthy, crazy boy!

Lily is super cute!


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Thanks! Yeah she is definitely cute, she is actually sitting here with me right now, going after my cursor on the screen. She just hit 13 weeks, I should add more recent pictures of her. Thanks for your input! I've finally found some "Kitten specific" brands she likes. She likes Royal Canin kitten, Inova Cat & Kitten, and Blue longevity kitten. But its really good to know that I can get adult food too and not worry about it being kitten specific, thanks! Because I'm sure in only a matter of time these kitten brands she likes will get old and she will be too "grown" for those too before I know it.


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Out of frustration I called my vet when our Swiffer was about 16 weeks old. There were 3 different life stages of felines in the house, kitten, adult, and senior. Trying to keep their food separate and keep them out of each others bowls was maddening. Under the vet's direction I put all 3 of them on adult food and Swiffer did just fine with it. I feed about a 90% wet to 10% dry diet to them. Their dry kibble is Nutro Max Cat Indoor chicken and their wet in Nutro Max Cat and Nutro Natural Choice. Just the experience we've had in this household wink

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I was only a kitten when Meowma brought me home. There were already 3 Adult cats here. Meowma also fed us all Nutro Max Adult Dry and I got to eat Nutro Max Kitten canned. Boy I was so lucky and it made the other 3 jealous, because they wanted my kitten food! Luckily Meowma has done this before, with Sootball. Mom also works part time as a Pet Nutrition Specialist for Nutro . I am so glad that you found out what to do.
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