Cat Licks??

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Pet Me, I'm cute- :)
Purred: Wed Oct 17, '12 8:07pm PST 
kitty What does it mean when my cat licks my forehead or any part of my face?

Maizie Grace

Actually not so- graceful
Purred: Thu Oct 18, '12 2:04am PST 
I've heard a number of things. She's grooming you, she's showing affection, a combination of the two, or, for the more cynical person, she likes the taste of your skin.

Cats in the same social group usually groom each other. Maizie is a licker. if she's in my arms, she's licking my cheeks and nose before she falls asleep. benjamin, the dominant cat in our home, has never been a licker. Not of skin, anyway. He'll lick the underarms of my shirts (I know, I know), but not the skin.

of course, if you put them together, Ben will lick Maizie, but May never licks him! I think it's his 'job' as the dominant to lick her, but that's another topic!