Are fish flavors bad for cats?

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Ryder & Jack

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I have read somewhere that you should limit giving your cat fish flavored foods to once a week or less. Ryder is a very finicky cat that will not eat wet food very often. He usually just snubs his nose at it. Unless it's fish flavored. He loves that. Would it be bad if I gave him a fish flavored wet food all the time since that is all he seems to like. I also feed both kitties Blue Buffalo dry and they both love that.

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

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The problem with fish/seafood is that it's very addicting, some types of fish may contain mercury, and it tends to be high in phosphorus which can be hard on the kidneys shrug It's best to feed fish/seafood once in awhile, even if dry food is also being fed.

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my kitty is like fish food.In my opinion, fish food is a food which like by most of the cats.But in my suggestion, fish food is given 2-3 times in a week not given it often.if it given often times it may be harmful.

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from an article:
Besides mercury, there are other problems with feeding a fish-only diet to your cat. Fish used in canned pet foods are high in phosphorus and magnesium. For cats with a history of urinary tract infections or kidney disease, this can be an issue.

And while your kitty may seem "addicted" to her favorite fish, many cats actually are sensitive or even allergic to fish. In fact, fish ranks as a top food allergen (because of the high level of histamines).

Finally, tuna and other fish contain relatively large amounts of unsaturated fats. While we humans eat these fish to be healthy and decrease our consumption of saturated fats, excessive unsaturated fat may actually be harmful to cats.

To be on the safe side, feed your feline companion a well-balanced diet with variety, and try to limit fish to once a week.


Ramsey - The Bedroom Cat- Burglar
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Excessive amounts of mercury, phosphorous and magnesium are the culprits of an all fish diet. The kidneys can be weakened, UTIs can develop and there are studies of allergies where fish is a primary contributor to fish related allergies in felines. Fish is fed once, twice at most around here. Yeah, we love it but daddy will only allow it sometimes. But we get a big variety of flavors and textures. We also love the venison and duck flavors in Max Cat a lot! dancing