?? New Soulistic flavors??

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Purred: Mon Sep 24, '12 1:51pm PST 
I went to my Petco Grand Opening this weekend to get some Soulistic 20% off. There were more flavors of Soulistic. Granted there where more flavors of almost everything in the store. My old Petco was so small that they did not carry the full line of most products. I checked the Soulistic website and some were not on the list but are now on the Petco website.

Seaside Serenity Salmon & Tuna with Gravy
Tri-Fusion Tuna with Grilled Salmon, Beef & Duck
with Gravy
Aromatic Chicken with Gelee
Golden Fortune Chicken & Tuna with Gelee (pumpkin)

Weruva has been tessing us on Facebook about new flavors coming soon, but I did not know it maybe Soulistic too. There are six Soulistic pouches on the Petco website. I'm not sure if any of them are new. Maybe some of you will know better then me.

I was so overwhelmed by the amount of cat items that were never in my tiny Petco down the street. There was a playmat for the night owl cats that puts on a light show for your cat to play in the night. I was not happy to see the freeze dried Pure Bites chicken was in a tiny bag or a hugh 6.2 oz bag for 18.99. What happened to that 3 oz size bag?