beware of spicy peppers

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Miss Tiny- Burr Burr

Love and adore.
Purred: Tue Sep 11, '12 1:22pm PST 
Tiny gave me a heart attack last night. I had cooked some jalapeno chicken for dinner and there was one SMALL piece left in the pan.Well, Tiny ate it.

I was reading a book in the other room when i heard a horrible moan. I rushed into the kitchen to see a pile of vomit with piece of chicken in it. Tiny was there with her eyes watering, foaming at the mouth and holding her head funny. I panicked, thinking she got into poison or was having a seizure. (her sister had one before) I forced myself to calm down and think about the situation. I touched the barf (gross) and found it was the chicken from the pan. i did a quick check to see if it was poisonous to cats (it isnt) but it can burn their stomach.

I calmed Tiny down because she was starting to flip out. im guessing it burned her mouth since the chicken had jalapeno juice on it. Her poor eyes were watering. I coaxed her into eating some sour cream to sooth the burn and it helped her almost instantly. I kept a close eye on her but after 15 mins she was totally fine. I even hd to take out the trash because she was trying to knock it over to get at her puked up chicken!

moral of the story, beware of spicy peppers. Cats will eat them! and then you will have a freaked out cat and it can hurt there stomach.


Ramsey - The Bedroom Cat- Burglar
Purred: Tue Sep 11, '12 7:56pm PST 
There are a ton of toxic foods to both cats and dogs out there. I've learned to just never leave anything out that they can get into. I cover everything up they might be able to get into. Glad it turned out okay for you. Here is a list for cats and dogs that might interest some folks. http://www.earthclinic.com/Pets/poisonous_foods.html

Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

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Purred: Fri Sep 14, '12 12:37pm PST 
This is Delyte. Miss Tiny, you are worse than me! My people like to get things from the Chinese and Thai restaurants, but even my old taste buds kept me from taking the food, because it may have started out chicken, but it wasn't after those cooks did something to it! They made some chicken with an Indian sauce in it last week, and it was a waste of good chicken, as far as we could see. [It actually was a very mild sauce, as us people are big wimps when it comes to hot stuff, and real hot peppers never make it in here.]

I've always been big on people food, especially Italian, and I must have eaten some garlic and onion in my lifetime and I am still here. But we hear it is bad for kitties, and a little friend of ours died right after eating a piece of onion, so it must be true. We would be hypocrites to say that cats shouldn't be allowed to have any people food, but it probably isn't a good idea. If nothing else, you will have a circle of hungry eyes and loud meows every time you have chicken or turkey or pizza or ...! shock

Glad to hear that Miss Tiny has recovered. Sour cream is delicious and it apparently has medicinal purposes, too.