Mom is against switching our cats to an all canned food diet :|

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It's Stella. Be careful if you get a drinking fountain and you have young or teenage kits--under a year--who are rambunctious and love to explore. I loved the pet fountain because it could easily be taken apart, spilling all the water on the floor [what fun!] and then I would take the filter and run around with it in my mouth and hide it somewhere. I know most kitties are not as brilliant as I am, shock but those pet fountains are a little too easy to disassemble. We went for a larger, heavier water dish that I could not spill and other water dishes in other rooms. There may be some kinds that are tougher than others.

We also knew a cat who loved to drink from those water bottles that they hang in rabbit and hamster cages, and they do use those for show cats. A lot less messy than water dishes.

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My cats eat probably 90% wet food, and since it’s been hot this summer we’ve been shopping for more varieties. They love the new Delectable Delights stews for cats. They have what I would call a “hearty” texture and meat and veggies you can see. We’re really happy with them. Natural Balance makes them and I got mine at Petco.


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Just want you to know that me and my sister have been much healthier since we switched to an all canned food diet! Our favfurrrrite is Wellness. Yum yum! I've lost weight and become more active and my sister's diabetes even went into remission. We're much happier with wet food even though it was an adjustment at first, but we've never been better. smile

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