13 yr old REFUSES to eat Natural Food!

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Purred: Tue Aug 21, '12 4:54am PST 
Lulu is 13 and has only eaten meow mix and purina her entire life. My other two eat Blue Buffalo. I've been trying to switch her to a healthier food and she refuses! I was switching her slowly by mixing the healthy food into her purina which was working well, but when it got to be mostly BB she went on a dry-food strike that lasted until I gave in and bought another bag of purina. She won't even try new food now. I had a sample of wellness which she enjoyed but when I bought a whole bag she put her nose up at it. These are the brands I have tried:
Blue Buffalo (3 different varieties)
Wellness (all varieties)
Science Diet
Simply Nourish
It gets worse if the food doesn't contain grains. She won't even touch grain free wet food and she loves wet food! I feel bad because my other two are eating expensive high quality food and she's eating by-products and corn.

Has anyone else's cat done this? Do I just give in and buy her the other food? Help!