Purina **IS NOT** Buying Blue Buffalo!

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I'm a good boy!
Purred: Sun Jul 1, '12 10:58am PST 
Just came across this thread in Catster. Mom is very worried about this rumor and hopes that's all it is. It's hard to not take it seriously though and she's even thought to stock up on my Blue Buffalo food. If it is true, she'd just have to change my food to something else though because Purina would most likely ruin it.

Paws crossed that the buy out never happens


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Purred: Sun Jul 1, '12 2:14pm PST 
Like I said about how football stuff works, the industry starts to talk about it first, and altho the subject has been pretty quiet on the Blue Buffalo FB, someone starting asking the same thing, asked what their stock symbol is. I can pretty much find anything, so started searching, found it, its BLUEUP, and found some other stuff, that don't look to good, on the business/stock sites.

I don't really understand, how to read the business and stock stuff, and what all it means, but this is what I found. Scroll down, it mentions Proctor and Gamble, and the dreaded words, Aqusistion. If I had $99, I could find out, a whole lot more.

http://www.privco.com/private-company/blue-buffalo-company/indus try-ma-activity

So, what foods, do Proctor and Gamble make?

I will be switching too, if in fact, it is true or happens, almost a good thing, Bump ain't still alive, he wouldn't eat any of the good quality grain free foodies. Good thing, the kittens are little garbage disposals.

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