Best canned cat food

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I know several good ones are out there. Is one better than the rest?


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Check out IBDkities.net there is a spot that lists grain free wet food in all prices. A food your kitty will eat, that you can afford, and that does not have a bunch of unnecessary ingredients - that's really the best option.


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Hi Wilbur wave There are many good brands of wet cat food on the market. We love Nutro Natural Choice the most. You can find more about it here http://www.nutro.com/natural-cat-food.aspx In addition to the Nutro Natural Choice daddy will give us other brands now and again to give us a change of flavor and texture. Check out the Nutro site and see if you like it!


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My cats (all three!) love Soulistic's Harvest Sunrise (chicken and pumpkin). It's sold at Petco and only only a bit over $1 for a 5.5 oz can. It's also grain-free, check out the site if you want: http://www.soulisticpet.com/ I don't think there is a canned food that is the 'best', as you said, there are a lot of great quality options out there. It's all about what works for you and your cat(s), as in what they like, and what you can buy them.

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I highly recommend Blue Wilderness. Their fur is soft and shiney, and they run thru the house at warp speed, like crazy boys, mol. Have seen many posts, cat and dog, saying the same thing, on the Blue Buffalo FB site.


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I think wet foods are a great option for cats. They are an easy way to introduce variety and enjoyment into the diet while still providing 100% complete and balanced nutrition. They also introduce moisture into the diet which helps to keep cats hydrated and flushes the urinary tract system. Some cats are not as good at drinking water to keep hydrated so wet foods can do that more easily in those cats.

They also have about 1/3 the amount of calories per gram as compared to dry foods so they can help to satiate your pet.

Many of the wet foods out there are really good products. Look for ones that are complete and balanced for your cat's lifestage (you can find that out on the label). This way you know they are getting the right nutrients. Then look for ones that your pet likes and does well on. We have 4 cats at MARS that eat WHISKAS wet food (and dry) everyday and they are very healthy and have beautiful coats (even if they are a little crazy too! - they make me laugh at work everyday).

Good luck with the wet food search. As a pet nutritionist, I really believe wet foods add a lot to the health and wellbeing of pets!


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I have to have mostly canned food mixed with a little dry for crunchy satisfaction. I have trouble digesting food, so I can't eat kibble. I like Hill's adult light. It has alot of fiber to help with digestability.


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The absolute best would be something that is grain-free and doesn't have too many unnecessary fruits and veggies. Sometimes it seems like we all forget that cats are carnivores! Evo is an awesome food, but also very pricey. Wellness Core is coming out with new varieties, and Blue Wilderness is great.

Around here, we feed Blue Buff. and Innova because it's what we can afford. When we are running low and can't drive all the way to get those foods, I sometimes pick up some Newman's Organics or Trader Joe's food. All kitties are very healthy around here! smile


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Sammy eats Dave's. It is a high quality food and is pretty affordable.