Throwing his nose up...again! (Nutro or Holistic Select)

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Purred: Thu Jun 14, '12 11:42am PST 
Lulu is 13 and was on meow mix/purina her entire life. I tried switching her to natural food and it didn't work. She REFUSED to even eat one bite of Wellness CORE. She liked Wellness chicken for a total of 2 days then refused to eat it. She ate blue buffalo for two days then went on a hunger strike for a week, only eating wet food, until I finally caved in and bought her the purina again. Some cats are just stubborn -_-. She's a stubborn old woman, she's just like my great-grandmother and her sister who refused to stop eating tons of salt despite having really high blood pressure =p. I hope you have better luck with your cat than I did!

I've heard really bad things about Nutro though. A lot of people said that it made their pet really sick and some of them even died. I would go with the other food x-x. ( http://www.consumeraffairs.com/pets/nutro.html )


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Izzy That is not a bad thing if your kitty only wanted wet food...really an all wet diet, if kitty will go for it is the best I think. Stinkers, I have a feeling is holding out because he knows their is MeowMix around. I keep my outdoor kitty food in a clean litter bucket, and I keep it outside. I really that this is part of the problem. Mine were always searching out the other food. I wish I could feed my outdoor kitties higher quality food, but with 12 of them, I can't either. Try & move the food & see what happens


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Hey Stinkers wave My daddy works for Nutro as a Pet Nutrition Specialist. I can tell you there have been no recent recalls for Nutro products - canine or feline. There are 4 of us cats in the household and 2 dogs. All 6 of us eat Nutro products. Our favorite Nutro wet food is Nutro Natural Choice. We do eat a little kibble which is Max Cat (a Nutro product) but our diet is mostly wet food. You can look at the choices here http://www.catster.com/forums/Food_and_Nutrition/thread/747287/last Any questions you can always shoot me a PM

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