FINALLY figured out perfect diet plan for my cat!!

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So Tutu is a teeniebeenie compared to the average cat. When I adopted her two years ago she was about 8 lbs and 8 years old. As soon as she started living with us she started to gain weight. I couldn't figure out why, because I measured and counted and the food she was being given, a mix of kibble and canned food, should have been the right amount for her size.

But she kept gaining. frown

Then my vet said something that gave me an epiphany.... "some cats just gain weight from canned food". And because Tutu ONLY eats Fancy Feast (sigh) no KIDDING she gained weight on that stuff....

But right now we're in France where she does not like their canned food at ALL and barely ate ANYthing last year... .But from the advice of a friend, we tried a new brand of cat food - cheap stuff - but in packets. Our friend said she gives her cat 1.5 packs morning/evening and just leaves it out in the bowl and he nibbles on it occasionally. He's a teeniebeenie too, so I thought I'd try.

Now, since Tutu needs to lose weight, we're starting with 2 packets a day (it says 2-3), plus the occasional Happy Hips chicken treat.

AND IT WORKS!!! I haven't weighed her yet but she is visibly less chunky. AND SO SO ACTIVE!!! She's playing all day with her mousie.

Just felt like sharing my discovery.

Does anyone else feed their cat this way?

I was honestly worried about leaving the food out, but we don't get many bugs and I throw it away if it's left out for too long.


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What is the name of the food? how many calories are in it? Ingredients?
If you want her to loose weight you need to do this very slowly.
Cats can get hepatic lipidosis if they are put on a crash diet, and dont get enough calories. There is a formula on how many calories to feed a diet for an overweight cat. Let me know the details and I will let you know how to go about this. Have you read catinfo.org?? there is a page on there which tells you how to go about this.way to go

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Some cats are naturally on the small side, just like how some Humans are shrug As long as the vet gives your cat a complete check up and says she is healthy, I wouldn't worry about her size.

What food are you feeding? Most pet food ccompaies tell you to feed more food than you really should be shrug This is more of a marketing thing: feed more so you use up the food more quickly and have to buy more food more often shrug


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I'm feeding her Monoprix brand 100g packets twice a day.
http://courses.monoprix.fr/RIDE/4-recettes-saumon-thon-colin-et-cr evettes-vitamines-b1-d3-e-1444606

This is the same brand a friend uses here in France.

It comes in 8 flavors, 4 seafood 4 meat/poultry. Mixed in is the occasional chunk of carrot or green bean (must be for indoor cats).

I doubt she's being underfed because she pecks at the food throughout the day and only whines for more when human food is around. (Nothing new).

She's only lost some chub around her butt, so I can tell it's not a drastic change.

I'm going to have to see what is available in the US (I know Whiskas has packets, but I'm glad she doesn't like those.) When I'm back to paying in US dollars, I can afford a little better food.


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The ingreSLICED SALMON IN JELLY, THE CARROT AND COLIN: Meat and animal by-products, fish and fish products (salmon min. 5% and colin min. 5%), vegetables (carrots min. 4%), minerals , sugars, dyes: EC additives. SLICED IN FROZEN TUNA, COD AND THE BEANS: Meat and animal by-products, and byproducts were asking fish (tuna min. 5% and cod min. 5%), vegetables (green beans min. 4%) , minerals, sugars, dyes: additifsCE. SLICED IN JELLY TO COLIN, A SARDINE AND PEAS: Meat and animal by-products, fish and fish byproducts (colin min. 5% and sardine min. 5%), vegetables (peas min. 4% ), minerals, sugars, dyes: EC additives. SLICED IN THE FROZEN SHRIMP AND CARRELET diddle: animal by-products, crustaceans (shrimp min. 5%), fish and fish products (plaice min. 5%), vegetables (carrots min. 4%), minerals , sugars, dyes: EC additivesdients I translated to english

looks like alot of fish, and vegies, see if you can limit this food to once a week. Hopefully you can find some other foods aswell smile
I could not find how many calories are in the food.


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There are 8 different varieties, including various types of fish, shrimp, rabbit, lamb, beef, duck, and poultry.
Normal French cat food. No reason not to just use this. Calories are not given but on the package it has serving suggestions per kilogram that the cat weighs.

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