Merrick Before Grain Canned Food?

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Purred: Sun Jun 3, '12 6:19am PST 
Shadow- It's fine, I'm glad you informed me. I know you weren't trying to make me nervous... lol. I just really worry about their health and all these recalls and issues with the pet food lately scares the heck out of me, I don't know what I'd do if my cats or my dog got very ill or worse.

I picked up the Soulistic yesterday, I paid $1.39 per 5.5 oz can unfortunately, since apparently you could only get the sale price if you have their pet pals card thing. But I can be happy with that, because most 5.5 oz cans of premium food here are $2.00 each. I bought the cats 8 cans of the Harvest Sunrise kind (chicken and pumpkin in gravy), and also one can of the Good Karma chicken (just chicken in gravy).

I'm having a relative that's already planning on going to the States next weekend pick up a lot more cans, and I've signed up for the pet pals card now so I think I can get the sale price. I fed the cats Soulistic's Harvest Sunrise for their morning meal and all three LOVED it, I have honestly never seen them eat so much in one sitting. Thanks so much to those of you that recommended Soulistic, and those of you that gave input on this thread in general smile sorry for the super long post, I tend to rant a little laugh out loud

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KitKat, So you just signed up for the PALS card on this trip. And you got 8 cans in the unopened case chicken with pumpkin. Right...

Then I recommend that you call the PALS customer service number. Explain that you had other PALS members suggest to buy their Solistic brand that was on sale. Also tell them the sale associate did not offer to sign you up to get the PALS saving on that purchase to save you the $5 that was in the printed ad until you had already checked out. Tell them you made a special trip to get it on sale & plan to visit them again in the near future but that $5 saving would have helped you pay for gas to buy more from them. I'm hoping they will give you a printable $5 coupon to your new PALS account online. They did that for me. I played the Rewards Push game on Facebook and my points did not credit to my account automatically. They gave me my points and an extra $5 coupon. They have very nice customer service reps. I would love to hear if they give you $5 or a $10 credit to print on your PALS account. Post back here!

PALS number 1-888-24-7257

I was at Petco today to get 2 bags of free Wellness kibble with my sister. I saw the Nature's Variety chicken 12 cans case for $22.49 in the 5.5 oz dog section. They had zero unopened cases in the cat section. But now that you are a PALS member, you can watch for the NV sale, like 15%.

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