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What pet food now?

Discuss ways to improve the quality of your cat's life and longevity through proper nutrition; a place for all of your questions and answers about feeding your kitty!

Please keep discussions fun, friendly, and helpful at all times. Non-informative posts criticizing a particular brand or another poster's choice of food are not allowed in this Forum. References to any brand of food as "junk," "garbage," or other harsh names will be removed.

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Purred: Thu Jun 14, '12 11:43am PST 
I feed them blue buffalo or wellness. If you write to the company and ask for coupons they will send you one. Wellness also will send free samples in the mail. Petsmart has both brands on sale often so it's not too horribly expensive. Plus you don't have to feed as much because there is less filler in it.

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