kittens are eating us out of house and home!

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Oh my goodness! these kitties are growing at a rapid rate, and need to eat SO much! Is it that terrible to supplement a little quality dry food in the night? if they will eat it, that is.

2 kittens, they eat a 5 oz can in the morning and a 5 oz can in the evening. sometimes they don't finish that first can so I'll offer it mid day. when I go to bed, if I forget to feed them again (they are noctournal, makes sense they will need to eat when they are most active, and active at night, they are!) TAter will climb into bed, lay by me- lick my face and theN CRUNCH, he bites me. LOL never fails. laugh out loud

I'm thinking mabye a little dry food will be okay, just at night? no?


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There are two schools of thought on this. One is that a little dry food will do no harm. Personally, I'm of the other school - there's just too much that CAN go wrong with feeding dry food and if money is an issue I'd rather see kittens eat more of a cheaper wet food like Friskies. The pate flavors don't have that many horrible ingredients and they're very reasonable. Kittens are bottomless pits and the high quality canned food can really add up! But kibble is sprayed with things that are irresistible to kitties (thus the term "kitty crack") and you run the risk of them becoming kibble "addicts" and turning down the canned food and begging for kibble. And because it's so high in carbs and things that they either can't digest or are useless for their nutritional needs, they may not be that much more satisfied. This in turn leads to overweight kitties and the host of problems that follow. This is just my opinion and we all do the best we can within our budgets - but that's my take on it.


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You could also alternate the wet foods. Tig gets grain free Nature's Variety in the morning, and then a cheaper grain free like ProPlan chicken & liver at night. Or maybe mix them together to stretch. Kittens are like teenage boys! MOM I'M HUNGRY!! laugh out loud


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Yes it is fine to supplement with quality dry food when they are hungry. I have eaten both dry (with and without grain) and canned all of my life and I turned out fine.

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Soem brands of food are available in 13 oz size cans. That makes it more economical for multi-cat hosueholds.... or hungry growing kittens laugh out loud Wellness and Innova EVO are two good brands. You can feed the Nature's Variety Instinct dog canned food because it is the exact same thing as the cat one. Same recipie, just different labels and can size.

Can you use a timed feeder so your kittens can eat when they are hungry? Timed feeders work with canned food smile You can freeze canned food before placing it into the compartment. Some feeders have a ice pack to keep canned food cool.

I suppose a little dry food for snacking on only at nightime would be ok thinking

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As most know I have had some trouble with cat foods of recently, as my cat will not eat TOTW so now I am stuck on to finding other alternatives. Anyway, both of my cats eat wet and dry food, and they do absolutely fine.

When I had Kito, a male kitten that I had rescued. He was on the wet/dry diet as well, as going completely wet was not an option. He did absolutely fine, and grew up into a young adolescent quite nicely. One thing I can say though is try to stay away from feed "fishy" wet food often. Once in a while its fine, but if fed to frequently it can cause Urinary Tract infections and Urinary stones, particularly in male kitties.

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Wow, your kittens eat a lot. Hunter never ate that much. He still doesnt. However he is the type of cat that will only eat what he needs and hasn't gained an ounce since he was 9 months old. I supplement Hunter with dry food. I'll admit it. But Hunter is also the type of that can take or leave the dry food. If I have no dry food available, he doesnt care. He will actually eat the Fancy Feast over the dry food, if there is dry food available to him.

I'm thinking if your kittens eat that much wet food, I personally wouldn't go with the dry all that much. They might over eat. Plus with dry food, cats tend to gain weight. Unless you can be really firm and only give like 1/4 cup a night.

Just my opinion...


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When Meowma rescued me, I was eating so much wet food, she thought I was gunna pop! But I was NEVER satisfied and always cried for more! I did NOT have any of those nasty worms or anything like that.eek
So Meowma decided to put down some Dry Kitten food and boy did that make a big difference. I scarfed down my wet Kitten Food, but having the Dry Kitten Food sure helped me. Meowma thinks that since the "Big Cats" all hunt at night, we all got and still get our wet food at night. Now I know we are all fed differently and all, but that is what worked with me! So just do what works best for you!