online pet store where I can buy single cans?

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Purred: Thu Apr 19, '12 6:40pm PST 
I'm looking for an online store where I can buy grain free quality canned cat food without buying an entire case of one flavor. I'd like to buy a few cans of this and a few of that.

I'm thinking evo, weruva,evangers, wellness, totw, natural balance lid, etc. preferably with great shipping prices.

Am I asking too much?


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Amazon does have a few vendors that do single cans. http://www.onlynaturalpet.com/ is another site that I can think of that does. Maybe check overstock? Also, I know a few brands will do 'sampler packs' where they will send you 2 cans of each flavor or what have you -- I thick Ziwi and Weurva do that.

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Check RetailMeNot.com for coupon codes to use way to go OnlyNaturalPet.com usually has a coupon code for new customers. PetFoodDirect.com has coupon code all the time for as much as 20% off your order.

I don't think Overstock.com sells food, just pet stuff like beds, collars, furniture, etc. Even if they did, it would likely be just treats.

Your local independent pet store may be able to special order food for you. This works well for cases of food but they may be able to do single cans. Jut ask smile


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Wow! We didn't know anyone sold single cans online. We've figured we have to buy a whole case to try something new. That has led to a lot of meals that only get half eaten. (Thankfully none of the rejects are totally, 100% rejected.) I'll have to look into the suggestions you got. We use petfooddirect but their prices on Wellness keep going up and up and up. frown


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thank you! I'll be checking those out!

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I'm so happy to let people know that there is a site that sells individual cans of cat food, so we don't have to buy in bulk before we know our cats will like it: www.itsapetslife.com

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you can buy single cans of quality pet food at

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You can't buy single cans on-line because of shipping costs... no company would ship one $2 can of cat food...
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