What do you feed your cats?

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I feed my cats a mix of Friskies kitten and Friskies adult (chicken & veg) dry food. Also Whiskers Casserole Chicken, chicken & beef, and beef.
What I like about the kitten food is the fat content, this is so they can gain weight.
The mum cat, DeeVee, is there, and Freckles is catching up. He's nearly to 14 months now and still growing.
In hot weather I change their diet to just adult food & they don't seem to mind.
I also have cat grass for them when they're inside.

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Human feed her current two cats a commerical frozen raw food. One cat gets a little canned food before bedtime.

I ate mainly dry food for a very long time before I got diabetes confused Then I ate only canned food because that is the most ideal diet for diabetic cats. I didn't like raw food shrug

It's not really the fat content that makes a cat gain weight. It's the calorie content. 20 to 25 calories per pound of ideal body weight is usually recommended. With so many dry foods (kitten or adult) containing well over 400 calories per cup, it's easy to gain weight even if you get lots of playtime (excercise) shock

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Egon and Astrid are a work in progress wink I've fed them many things, but Egon has a dainty stomach. The first food he wasn't sick on was Purina, but after having lots of issues with bad cans and bad puppy food, I decided I wouldn't patronise them anymore. We're on our second big bag of Whiskas dry food. I thought the "Meaty" dry food was also chicken/chicken/corn for the first ingredients, but it's chicken/corn/corn, so next bag will be "Indoor" food, to try and get that extra meaty goodness.

They also get a half a can of wet food a day. We tried Friskies, but bad cans. This month I couldn't afford to experiment, so I got some Special Kitty, which is doing all right (Nobody has exploded yet, and Egon's patch of dry butt-fur has gotten soft again!) Next month I may be getting Whiskas wet food, too, but I'm not sure if it will be cans or pouches, or if I'll increase their wet and decrease their dry.

They get 1/3 cup of dry and 1/4 can wet for two meals a day.


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At the moment we eat a mix of Nutro Natural Choice Indoor Senior dry formula, and Nutro canned food. Mom buys Kosuteh Max Cat Indoor Salmon Dry formula too. Momma is a Pet Nutrition Specialist for Nutro, so it's her job to talk to people in the stores about it. We love our food and are very healthy! I'm 15, Jack is 14, and Kosuteh is 1.

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Meowma has been feeding Nutro Max foods since Sept., 1988. She has had 3 kitties who lived to be 22 years old and one who reached 19. That is why she asked to work for them 5 years ago now. I am now 11 and our Pug is 16, all eating Nutro Max! Meowma knows we are all different and are fed different.
But you asked and this is what we all eat. Piece!
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We get 1/4 can of wet food (Friskies pate flavors, Max Cat or Soulistic) twice a day. If Mom has the 3 oz. cans (like Fancy Feast) then we get 1/2 can instead of the 1/4 can. When we're done with that (after about ten minutes) we get approx. 1/3 cup of Taste of the Wild dry (also twice a day) which we finish by the next feeding 12 hours later.

Sounds complicated but it works for us!

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Bijoux, Lily, and Polly eat Iams adult with chicken. Percy had to switch to science diet healthy advantage for his teeth. His gums were inflamed and he had a large amount of tartar build-up, and it is working. Jacks and Mortimer, the two old guys, are on prescription diet. Plus, a healthy portion of mice for all.