Mom wants me to eat healthy wet food...!

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Purred: Sun Apr 15, '12 7:38pm PST 
cat on moon My human wants me to eat healthy wet food. She just took me completely off Orijen crunches that I really liked and put me on fancy feast turkey feast in gravy of their grilled variety. To put a short story short, I hate pate style wet food. Mom tried to get me to eat Ziwipeak venison but I just nibbled and walked away. She tried mixing it with my favorite turkey stuff but I would just eat the turkey stuff and lick the juice of the venison stuff. Mom would like me to eat something healthier then the carb loaded turkey feast. Please help me find some healthy food.

Alex (sweet angel girl)

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Purred: Sun Apr 15, '12 10:24pm PST 
Hi sweetheart, I think your mom needs to take it slower. She's going to have to try a few cans of a couple of different things to see if you like them. Nature's Variety, Wellness, Evo, Merrick, Weruva, all good brands. If you still won't touch any of those, she'll have to give you back your crunchies but give you less of those and still give you small amounts of wet, just until she can get you used to wet food. Then she can take the dry away again. Here's some instructions: http://ibdkitties.net/switchingfoods.html


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There are some chunks & gravy style foods available that are grain-free. We've tried the Wellness and Natural Balance pouches and they were yummy. way to go

I think Alex is right that you might be getting switched too quickly. These kinds of changes are usually best done gradually.


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Do you like your food very very mushy? I do, so mom puts my regular pate food through the magic bullet (like a mini blender/food processor) for me and it makes it almost like a pudding. I will eat lots of pate food that way, but hardly any if she gives it to me right out of the can.