Canned food for constipated (fat) cat?

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Purred: Wed Mar 14, '12 2:13pm PST 
Hey everyone. This is a little awkward, but I think my 7 year old male is constipated. I did switch my three cats to grain-free dry food (Taste of the Wild) recently, because since two of the three seemed to be having itchy skin problems and didn't have fleas, I thought they could have developed a grain allergy. I'm thinking the food change may be part of the cat's problem, and I know it's likely that I don't feed the cats as much canned food as I should, so I figure that could also be contributing.

I was told that if I add more wet food to his diet it should help, so I thought I'd try that for a few days because I'd like to avoid a vet visit if possible.So, I'm wondering if there is any decent quality grain-free canned food (I'm hoping that he doesn't NEED grains in order to 'go' without difficulty...) that won't make him fatter. He is also super picky, so please keep that in mind when giving suggestions? Thanks guys smile


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If you can, I would only feed him wet food, mixed with water, so its real soupy, twice a day. I feed Blue Wilderness, its grain free, gluten free, by product free and soy free. Its the only quality grain free food, that he would eat, he also, will not, at all, eat any food, period. He is beyond pickey, but he loves his Blue Wilderness, and his baby food.

Prowler had a constipation issue one time. My vet said to give him 1/4 teaspoon Metimucil, once a day, mixed with his wet food. It has to be sugar free and unflavored, has to be. Seems like he only had to have it for a few days, might have been a week, and he was normal again. I also give Petromalt, once about every 2 weeks, mostly for occasional hairballs, but it keeps things running smooth in the other department too.

A very very lot of years ago, one of my cats swallowed a string, this was how I learned, not to let them play with strings, and it was coming out the back end. Called my vet, he said do not pull it, just dose him heavy with the Petromalt, until he passes it, which he did.

I have seen some mention, something about pumpkin, not the pumpkin pie stuff, but pumpkin, that they use for constipation. They can tell you more about it.

The others can also give you great information. Best of luck. waveway to gohug

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Try Nature's Variety Instinct, Wellness (the regular canned ones and the CORE ones), Weruva, Innova EVO.

Here's a chart that tells you if there are grains in the food or not: Cat Food Ingredient List


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You can also try Soulistic from Petco....get the chicken flavors, plenty of moisture! smile


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I have problems with constipation too. My Mom has mixed pumpkin in my food and that worked well. She also used to mix Metamucil Free and Clear powdered fiber in with my wet food and that also worked well for a long time, but because my constipation is related to other health issues, I now have to have a stool softener mixed in with my food twice a day.

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Soulistic is a good one, Nature's Variety too. Also Wellness and Evo. I'd try canned pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie filling). Get organic if you can, add a teaspoon to his meal. And YES, it works for constipation as well, not just diarrhea. It's pure fiber. big grin

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We use Miralax for 5 constipated kitties. It's tasteless and odorless, and mixes well with canned food. We add up to 1/4 tsp. twice daily, but usually less than that does the trick. We haven't found any canned food to be enough help without adding a laxative.

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Miralax works by pulling water into the intestine to make the stool softer and easier to pass. Be sure to add extra water to the canned food so that your cat doesn't get dehydrated way to go