Kitten won't eat canned food

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You could be speaking about my Mika except she's 10 and since Jan 2012, she won't eat canned food except a freshly opened one and the first serving only - about a teaspoon. I've tried everything you all have (as well as other suggestions) and give her grain free/all natural canned food (Wellness). Have tried Blue Wilderness and Weruva - she only likes pate texture. Lucky she eats pumpkin (only ED Smith, of course) so it keeps her BM's moving and moist.
She has one chipped tooth since she was a kitten but it hasn't changed and there are issues with her gums. She loves her dry food and chews it as well as the occasional dry treat.
When she had a kidney problem and wouldn't eat (2010), I fed her baby food (chicken), it was the only thing she would eat (not even her dry). She's basically healthy and monitored regularly by Vet for her borderline high blood pressure.
I don't think she's getting enough calories and I will not increase her dry food because it's not good for her. I've also noticed she sleeps more now that's she's older.

Is it ok to substitute baby food for canned cat food?

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No, Human baby food should not be fed as the main diet for a cat. It doesn't contain any of the important vitamins and minerals that a cat needs. Vitamin/mineral deficiency can cause serious health problems in a cat. I wouldn't even use it as a substitute for regular canned food. As a once in awhile treat it would be ok but not as a substitute.

Some baby foods contain garlic and seasonings which are not good for cats.

Have you tried putting Forti Flora on the canned food? It is irresistable to cats. Vets sell the product or you can buy online. A little sprinkle on the canned food is usually enough.

Warming leftover canned food may help, too. So would adding water to the food to make it kind of soupy.

A calorie supplement might help, too. Ask your vet if your cat needs it. Nutri-Cal is one brand.

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i didnt used to eat canned food i wouldnt even touch it. but now i do. mom first experminted with textures like chunky, shredded, pate. i happen to like the the shredded after she found a texture that i would eat she brought different kinds brands with that texture to see which ones i like. try expeminting it does work.

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