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Hey all! I'm a new member to this site, but I have been browsing it for quite some time now. I love spoiling my 8 month old kitten , Moe, while keeping my budget in mind. He is getting close to a year and I have been researching on what adult foods to switch him to when the time comes. Right now, I feed him 1/3 Wellness Kitten Health with 2/3 Kitten Chow & since he is a growing kitty I leave the bowl full daily and he'll pick at it whenever he wants. Along with that I give him 2 pouches of Friskies Gravy Sensations daily (he can't get enough of the gravy!)

I really love how nutritious and beneficial all the Wellness products provide, but it is just way too expensive for me to have him eating only that. So I came up with a menu to gradually put him on as his 1st Birthday comes around, and I would love to hear what you guys think about it!

For his dry food, I'm hoping I can continue leaving the bowl for him to eat whenever he feels.
I plan on using 1 part Wellness Indoor Health with 2 parts Cat Chow Indoor Formula.

Now for his wet food:

Morning: 1-2 tablespoons of Wellness Complete Health Canned Food

Evening: 1 Gravy Sensations packet

Thanks for any future opinions, I will really appreciate them!

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I would get rid of two things. The Friskies gravy sensations because they have grains in them. And the Wellness dry food because dry isn't good for any kitties and because we've seen a lot of kitties here with issues with that particular food. Not the Wellness canned, those are fine. What I would suggest you do if you can't afford doing all Wellness canned is to add Fancy Feast without the wheat gluten/grains and also the Friskies pate canned which also doesn't have grains. At least those options are inexpensive, still grain free, and much better than the dry food. You also see a list of grain free foods here on my site: http://ibdkitties.net/Food.html. I hope this helps! big grin


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That helps a lot, thank you! Moe is my first cat so I'm still new to being a good mommy smile I had no clue that Friskies Pate & Some Fancy Feast don't contain grains! Those are pretty affordable. Moe just loves crunching down on his dry food though .. Maybe I could still give him some in moderation?


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You can transistion kittens to adult food, at 8 months. It must be done, very gradually, like over 2 weeks. You gradually increase the new food, the first week, and gradually decrease the old food, the second week.

I highly recommend, you stop feeding the Purina food, like, today.

Little boy kitties are prone to crystals and bladder issues. Wellness shows some tendancies towards that area.

Wet is better, mixed with water, so its real soupy, twice a day, it keeps them flushed out, and it keeps the urine from getting too concentrated, which causes bladder issues. I understand that feeding just wet, can be an issue for some, it is for me sometimes, and then I have to get creative. I also have one, that will not, at all, eat any wet, period, so he gets dry. He also gets 1 teaspoon Gerber baby food, chicken or turkey ONLY, mixed with water, so its like a broth, twice a day, to keep him flushed out, and this is per my vet.

Grains are a huge cause of crystals, so you need to pick a food that is grain free. You also want by product free, as by products are the left over anything, including euthinized cats/dogs and their collors. You want gluten free, as glutens cause tummy issues, and glutens were the cause of the Menu Foods saga of 2007, where all those cats and dogs died.

In my opinion, its best to stick to one brand, as the good you are doing with the good food, is being un done, by the lesser quality food.

I feed Blue Wilderness chicken dry for Bump, the others get wet. When funds are low, they get wet in the morn and dry at night. Yes, it is more expensive, but in the long run, its less expensive, than running to the vet.

If you free feed, keep an eye on him, that he does not get overweight, that happened to Bump, he ate like a truck driver, mol, and now he is sched fed, they all are. Best of luck, what ever you decide on. waveway to gohug


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Congrats on your new baby. An easy way to tell with the Fancy Feast is, if it is a "classic" one it is grain free. Also there is a tuna & sardine flaked in aspic, that too is grain free pretty sure. Look at Alex's website - it's awesome. 1 of mine does get a little dry as a snack - like 20 kibbles, but but it is Merrick Before Grain or Nature's Variety. Maizy eats more dry - she is a hard sell - she was on all dry for years before I found out what was better for her. And having a cat (Tigger)that had 2 urethral blockages has made me very strict with that. He only gets about 5 kibbles as a treat. The perfect time to get them "on track" is when they are little. Avoid the gravy - any I have checked all have wheat gluten to make that gravy. IF you add some water to the wet, it kind of makes it's own gravy. Good luck and feel free to ask for any help at all!!welcome

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Other members have seemed to cover all of what I was going to say. Hmmm, well I suggest reading Catinfo.org. Its a site written by a vet. Most of us catsters here have read it. Its a great site written by Dr. Pierson who explains why wet food is better, she talks about crystals, cats being overweight etc. I would suggest starting a feeding schedule. Its a good way to control what your cat eats, and after a while he'll know when its time to eat. Some cats tend to get overweight while being free fed. If money is an issue, you can feed a lower quality for breakfast like Fancy Feast and a higher quality food for dinner. Thats what I do. You'll get the hang of feline nutrition in no time! Good Luck and welcome to catster!!