How much do you pay for TOTW dry?

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Purred: Wed Dec 14, '11 2:15pm PST 
The cheapest I found online is $23 for 15 lbs (free ship if I buy 2 bags). I think local feed store sells it for $25.

How much do you pay?


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Purred: Sat Dec 17, '11 12:33am PST 
I just ordered a 5 lb bag for my niece's cats from petcarerx. I only see it in the smaller store around me. Sometimes Rural King or Pet Supplies Plus puts the dog on sale in my area. I wish I could remember if I saw if the cat kibble was on sale there. I'll look at the price this week coming up at PSP. Have you called all the store in your area for the price & if they put it on sale? I'm not sure why they do not have coupons. All the people on Facebook beg for coupons and the answer was no coupons. Funny, three weeks ago we were only about 20 miles from the plant in Missouri.


PS, Did you take their survey to win free 18 lbs bag of kibble? (One entry per month will be randomly selected and notified of winning one free 18lb. bag of Taste of the Wild pet food. Odds of winning the Promotion depend upon the number of eligible entries received)


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Here, it's $9.99 for the 5lb bag. I don't know about larger bags, sorry frown A local petstore that isn't a chain but still sells over the internet has larger bags for $24.99 online, but I don't know how that compares to the in-store price.


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Hi, can someone tell me what TOTW is ?

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TOTW is a pet food. Totw-Taste of the wild. Its a great dog and cat food brand if you ask me. From my perspective, it's the pet food I have seen the least amount of problems with. That and perhaps Canidae and Felidae.

Around here I pay $10.99 for a 8lb bag (for cats) and $27.99 for 15lb (for dog)

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Around here, the price went up recently. I used to pay $10 for a small (6 lb?), but it's now $11. The large bag (15#, I believe) runs around $26, $27. I get it at my local independent pet store (no PetSmart or Petco in the area) or at Tractor Supply Central.


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I made it back to Pet Supplies Plus today. I found the TOTW 15 lb. bag was 26.99. Not as good of a deal as you found.


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thats where I found it, petcare rx. I ordered a 15 lb bag of totw for $23 and 24 cans of chicken soup for $18, plus couple extra small things and got free shipping which is the best deal I found online. Its a bit more cost efficient buying larger bags with 2 cats.


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I pay $10.99 for 5 lbs. and $24.99 for 15 lbs. IMO, it's the best deal by far for grain-free dry food.


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I pay $19.99/15 lb. bag at a local feed store, but they are known far and wide for having the best prices around. My kitties have been eating it for 2 years or so now with excellent results way to go