Adding pumpkin to my cat's diet has worked!

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Mr. Tigger

Mr. Tigger
Purred: Wed Dec 7, '11 11:42am PST 
When I got Max in September from the vet, they had him cut back on food because he had diarreha, but he was skinny. He is about 4 1/2 months old. I started feeding him and he would get the poops and then they would go away. Last week I hadn't fed him any wet food and he pooped all over the house. A roll of paper towels later--

So I searched Catster and many people recommended adding pumpkin to his wet food. I was skeptical, but I did added it. To my sheer delight, it worked. Max has not had an accident in 4 days and he has so much energy and is starting to gain weight.

My question to all you smart Catster folks is "how long can I feed Max pumpkin"? I am wondering if this is going to be an on going issue with him? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I am meeting with the vet next week to ask her, but since many of you Catsters have used pumpkin, I wanted to get your ideas.


Alex (sweet angel girl)

Angel on a- mission!
Purred: Wed Dec 7, '11 12:12pm PST 
I think the thing is you'll have to figure out what the underlying cause is because many times you can stop the pumpkin and it'll come back. What are you feeding him for food right now? Does it have grains in it? If so, try going grain free first because grains are pure carbs and sugar. That really does a number on so so so many kitty's bodies. If you can feed something like Nature's Variety, Wellness or Merrick, that would be great! This will help you see if the food is doing it. If it's not the food, well I would stick with grain free anyways but I'm guessing the vet will do tests for parasites and worms to make sure that's not the issue. You might also want to try probiotics like Eaglepack Holistic Solutions. Its a chicken flavored powder so many kitties have done well on. They love the taste and you just sprinkle it on their food. If your vet appointment is soon, then continue the pumpkin until they tests him for all that stuff, which I'm sure they will. But seriously try a few cans of the grain free also. big grin