Guidance for a cheaper wet food?

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Stinkers Finn Franscis

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Purred: Sun Jan 15, '12 8:30am PST 
I too am very picky about what I feel my cats, but I have definitely felt the "pinch" and currently am feeling it. We as pet owners do our best to feed our cats. But sometimes we just can't afford the really good stuff.

I know MANY Catsters will disagree with me, which is okay. But I sometimes feed my cats regular tuna in water, Salmon in water, and trout in water. Tuna is VERY cheap! My cats absolutely love it. Salmon and Trout are more expensive like $2.00 a can at Walmart but they like that as well. The reason many people do disagree with feeding human food like regular tuna is due to the Mercury content and it's not processed specially for cats. But I have done this with all my cats for years now, and I have never had any problems.

Actually, one time when my beloved Stinkers got really sick. He had a bad fever, wouldn't eat or drink, and was becoming dehydrated quickly. The only way we saved him and got him to eat was feeding him real mushed up tuna. That is the only thing he would eat.

I don't feed Tuna all the time, but frequently. I rotate in some Fancy Feast or Friskies canned cat food as well. So that it balances out the Mercury content. Now, my cats are not on wet diet, they eat TOTW kibble. But they get a can of wet food 4/7 days a week, along with their kibble.

I wish you the best of luck! way to go


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I agree with silver. Coupons really help. I got some wellness, halo, purina pro plan (not the best but there are grain free flavors)and holistic select (not grain free but better than some other foods) all for less than half the regular price.
Is raw an option? Raw has been soo much cheaper for me. If I didnt feed raw I would have to feed mostly kibble. I cant afford an all canned diet. I spend maybe $30 a month on 3 cats. Often less. They each get 4 oz a day.

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We agree with all who say figure out what works best for you. Since we have no food allergy kitties, Bodrouex, Brandywine and I get the 'grilled' or 'flaked' FF mixed with some pate style. Everyone else gets Friskies pate because they aren't as picky. We also get Pro Plan, Iams or similar if it's on a really good sale or clearance. I eat the ones with cheese best of all and will even eat some raw Blue Ridge Beef IF it has my cheesy food mixed in. The three of us just won't eat enough if we don't get what we like, and no one here will eat the expensive 'premiuim' brands, period, and Meowma tried them all. A moot point anyway these days since there are now 12 grown cats here so at 4x the price she won't even consider it never mind being really tired of throwing away food that is a buck or more per can. We know many disagree with this part as well, but we also get dry food free choice; none of us overeat and many are breeding kitties who need the extra calories. We have heard the arguments about not feeding wet and dry close together but have had no problems here.(No offense, but Meowma doubts there is any actual proof about dry food 'fermenting' or whatever in the gut as she has seen no evidence and no research to make her believe it)
With finances the way they are these days, we don't want to see people feed food that has hardly any meat in it or anything like that, but unless there are proven health factors that prohibit your cats having any plant matter at all, there are a lot of good choices out there.


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You can still feed the good dry, and still give them the extra water, that little boy kitties need. Which is why, people feed wet. You mix 1 teaspoon Gerber baby food, chicken or turkey ONLY, with water, so its like a broth, twice a day. It doesn't matter, how, they get the extra water, as long as they get it, weather it is by mixing the wet with water, so its real soupy, or using the baby food broth method.

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Egon here! If your mom is still looking for help or validation in switching to a cheaper wet food, we can help!

My mom used to feed us really good kibble. It was really tasty at first, but it made my tummy hurt a lot. I didn't know why it made my tummy hurt, so I blamed my sister. I didn't want her near me while I ate because obviously it was HER fault, right? But it wasn't. I felt bad all the time, I wanted to sleep, and I left toxic waste in the litter box. It was so bad that my sister stopped coming to the bathroom with me!

My mom tried other kibbles, up and down her price range. She was so fed up with me not feeling good all the time, and having to change foods so often. Over the Christmas holidays we ran out of expensive food, and with so little money, my mom bought us some Fancy Feast cans to fill the gap.

Well, the Fancy Feast cured me overnight. My paw to Ceiling Cat! When I realised my tummy didn't hurt and my poo was normal (I think, I've never seen a normal poo come out of me!) I stopped growling at my sister. We now both eat Fancy Feast- a can each a day, with about an eight cup of plain Purina cat chow- and my mom says we're "full of beans" again.

Fancy Feast saved our litter box! I can definitely recommend it if you still need a cheaper meal.

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I have 15 cats, so I am looking for the large cans of wet food. Who makes large cans, so I can request my Safeway carry that? Safeway makes Priority in large cans, but my cats dislike Priority cat food. On the Friskies website, there are only regular-size cans.

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Evanger's Classic Dinners come in 13 oz. cans. They have Beef, Chicken, and Seafood (grain-free and by-product free). They are very reasonably priced, but you have to add shipping cost. I've only seen them on their website. My picky cats eat this better than most premium foods.

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