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I have a few coupons that I will cannot use. If you pawmail me your addy, I will be happy send them out to tyou! These are all for PETCO
$3.00 off any bag ProPlan - expires 11/13
$2.00 off any bag ProPlan - expires 12/18
$3.00 off 24 count case 3oz or 5.5oz Nutro Nautural Choice canned food - expires 11/30
$3.00 off any size bag Nutro Natural Choice - expires 11/30
If there are no takers, I will try & purchase something & donate to their food bank - but with feeding my 3 and SIX outside kitties -well, need I say more? And sadly, I have to get cheaper food for the outside kits. Lemme Know!
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Coupon & more coupons! Print it if you want it.

http://images.revtrax.com/RevTrax/scppwrd.jsp?viewType=prePri nt&imageType=thumbnail&programId=12794909&merchantId=12779408&affili ateId=12795061&rd=http%3A%2F%2Fwellnesspetfood.com%2Fcoupon-thank-yo u.aspx

$5 off cat or dog kibble - WELLNESS

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I'm using my sweet Honey to post the coupons this month instead of Brownie.

I posted the coupon for Wellness above. In the newpaper coupons Petco had an ad. Buy the 11.5 to 12 lbs. bag of Wellness and is $5 off. Now if you go to Petco Nov 12-13 and also use the $5 off $25 then you are triple $5 off for a grand total of $15 off. So that would make the bag of 11.5 lbs. around $23. Here the Wellness can food coupon for $1 off only one can: http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/NWPC_ CUS_NOV_final.pdf

So here is the link for $5 off $25: http://www.bargainez.com/printable-coupons/5-off-25-or-more-with-pal s-card-petco-printable-coupon-2/

Other items on sale are Holistic Select 5 lb 14 oz kibble $4 off and they emailed me a $3 off coupon. Petco Coupons says Nature's Variety 12 lbs bags are $5 off and $5 coupon still goes into Dec. (see below) and you can also use the $5 off $25 too. So here is the link: http://www.petco.com/petco_page_PC_natvarietycoupon.aspx
Also the Petco Coupon say the 10 lbs. Fish Natural Balance LID is $5 off. But I have not found you another coupon for NB frown to make this one a hat trip, sorry.

Just remember you heard it first from!!!


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I found a good Facebook site for coupon and deals for us pet lovers that need a good deal. I just joined. Search for Carol's Critter Corner.

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~Honey~ hello purity litta lady! wave

I juss came from FaceBook for Carol's Critter Corner for coupons.

Will go back & check outts sum more!

Thank yew so mush for the info. way to go

Gotta save some greens $$$

Huggs big hug


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Oooh thanks for the tip! I just "liked" Carol's Critter Corner on facebook. I always appreciate an opportunity to save some money smile


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I just got two $2 coupons in the mail from Felidae for bags or cases of food -- visit their site and I think you can request coupons there. if not, go ahead and sign up for the email list -- that's how I found out about the offers. big grin

Also, Petco is doing their $49 purchase = free shipping gig, so we just loaded up on Soulistic.


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can you give the link cause I can not find it frown


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http://carolscrittercorner.com/2011/11/09/canidae-felidae-coupons-ex pire-12302011/#axzz1e9hiVfB4

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I just used 10% off on all orders of $65 or more plus Free Shipping coupon here and use this code "Actor" at checkout. if you are looking for more coupons on petco just visit savings.com and dealspl.us where you can get huge range of coupons for Petco.