Best Kind and Best Priced Cat Food to prevent Feline UTI?

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Sable [At- Rainbow- Bridge]

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Purred: Sun Oct 31, '10 6:20am PST 
My cat Sable was recently diagnosed and is getting treatment for Feline UTI. My vet told me, and I also strongly agree, that dry food caused this. I was wondering what brand has best formula for this, and hopefully one thats not too expensive, as I have 3 cats that will be getting it (The other doesn't eat them). I considered taking them off them for good, but it would break their little hearts as they love them so, and they only get one main meal a day, so we leave them dry food out all day, for them its in-between feeds (Don't worry, I always monitor their weights and make sure they are not getting fat, and always have fresh water).

I live in Australia, but anyone's opinion is of course welcome, like in the US and other countries, we also get brands like Hill's Science Diet, IAMS ect. And I was hoping to buy it in bulk online anyway, as here for a 500gram bag of Optimum, its $5, with 3 cats i'd probably spend $15 or more a WEEK. Purina is also a favorite brand of mine too.

Any help or advice at all is so greatly appreciated big grin


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IMO, they shouldn't get dry food at all anymore. You want to feed grain free wet food instead or, even better yet, a raw diet.

A few links and articles you should check out:

Urinary Tract Health - Catinfo.org
Raw Fed Cats


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We agree with Mo. If you're not interested in feeding raw, please feed them canned food. Preferably grain free but ANY canned is better than dry in this situation where getting fluids is critical.

Sable [At- Rainbow- Bridge]

I'm An Angel- Now!
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I will defiantly look at raw food diet, and give it a try.
I do give them wet food though, defiantly, my cats do not live only on dry food, that's the "main meal" they get, we food at night time.


Purred: Sun Oct 31, '10 7:37pm PST 
I know it's not the best cat food out there, but Purina One Urinary Tract Health has helped my cats. My vet recommended it and says she has had several patients do well on it. My cats also get Weruva, which has low percentages of the minerals that tend to cause UTI's. I only feed them a fish flavor once a week, the rest of the time they get the Paw Licken chicken. This has worked well for them for the past year. Before I was using Natural Balance wet and dry and then Nature's Variety raw. The problems started after feeding them the raw. I'm not saying you shouldn't try it but for my cats, it just didn't work. Good Luck!


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From what I understand when you start raw their systems will start to pump out all the bad stuff that built up in their systems while on the poorer diet. The older they are the more you have to work through before it gets better. I'm told its like getting an oil change, the old bad stuff has to get pumped out before the new good stuff can be put in.

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I agree with Mo and Shadow. You were fortunate to catch the issue relatively early, and now is the time to take charge of the situation not just with the affected cat, but with all of them. Dry food for cats is a disaster waiting to happen. Unfortunate, but true.