mineral oil for cats

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Louie- (1996-2013)

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Purred: Tue Apr 6, '10 1:04pm PST 
I know you can give mineral oil for cats when they're constipated or need hairball help, but is it OK to give a little each day otherwise? The reason I ask is my Louie is addicted to baby/mineral oil, to the point he will lick my skin incessantly when I put it on, or will find the container and find a way to get into it or even puncture it. The vet said to replace the baby oil with mineral oil, even for my use, so if he gets into it, no harm done since there are no added fragrances.

But how much is too much? When will I know he's had his limit? Slimy poopies? Greasy fur? Any other "side effects"?

Miss Tiny- Burr Burr

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Purred: Tue Apr 6, '10 8:27pm PST 
i dont think its a good idea to give him all that oil. too much of anything can be bad, and could possibly mess up his insides.


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Sounds odd to me. lol isn't that what they put in hair grease and deep conditioners?


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I'd be very careful with it.

We give mineral oil to some of our calves if they get blocked up. Sometimes they will eat a lot of sawdust and get plugged up...and some mineral oil does the trick of getting them unblocked. As in really unblocked...you get the picturewink


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I have also read to not let them breath mineral oil into their lungs, it can do some damage. Will have to find the info on that for you.

Miss Puff

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Purred: Thu Apr 8, '10 11:35pm PST 
Your vet was right in asking you to get regular mineral oil. Stay away from the scented kind, though I think that is what may have started the licking, imo. When I had horses, the vet told me that it is not absorbed and was safe. You should not have hairballs now. That is what Laxatone has also. Just watch how the bm's are and you be the judge as to how much is too much. Though IMO it should be safe in small amounts.
Miss Puff here likes to lick my under arms for the deodorant.. yuck!!!!eek she also like the Jergens I put on my hands.. but I do NOT let her lick any of them off me at all. She does try though..
Have you ever felt a cats tongue lick your arm pit before? Kinda gives me the creeps......