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Dino, thank you so much for your generous offer. I have purred you a private message.

Thanks again!

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Wow thanks everyone for the helpful posts. My two cents...Taste of the Wild has A LOT (30%) vegetables (cats are carnivores) AND high magnesium which can cause serious problem in cats... EVO offers a healthier dry food for the cats.hamster dance

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It is way UNCOOL to drag up a 4 YEAR OLD post to SPAM us. Start your own after you join as a full member.

EVO to has too much PHOSPHORUS. Don't feed it to your older cats if you love them.

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I have sort of the same issues with finding affordable cat food, too. I refuse to buy any of the cheaper foods loaded with grains because I recently had to put my beloved girls down due to health issues caused by poor nutrition over the years before I educated myself about cat nutrition. I've found that these foods are the most economical grain-free choices: Taste of the Wild, Merrick's, Wellness in the large cans, and Natural Balance. Most companies have programs that you can sign up to receive coupons and Petco and Petsmart have reward programs, too.

A few more choices and why I don't buy them as much:

Soulistic- my boys love it but it contains more water, which is good for cats but it's not as filling. I'd rather add more water to food myself.

Fancy Feast Classics: Grain-free but loaded with by-products. My boys have to eat about 5 cans each daily to fill up on it. Not so cost-effective in the long run.

A tip I learned from this forum: Nature's Variety Instinct canned food for dogs contains the same ingredients plus adequate taurine for cats, too. Much cheaper than the cat version and plus my boys prefer it! The cat version is drier/more crumbly than the dogs version.

Another tip: Reps from pet food companies often visit Petco on Saturdays and love to give out coupons and samples so load up!

One more tip: Feed stores are usually cheaper than pet food chains and also usually have free samples.

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Hey Broody!

I too am a college student with the same issues you have, low on money bills to pay, and in my case feline mouths to feed.

i do recommend thinking about raw diet, with one cat the cost would not be that high. for our first year the kitties got fresh whole chicken that i bought at the grocery store and simply divided it into small pieces. and you get the neck and organs too. i bought my chicken at stop & shop. you will need to make room once a month maybe to cut the chicken and divide it. but with one cat i don't think you'll more than 2 maybe 3 whole chickens (each weighting at about 8-Ilb) for the entire month.
it's worth looking into.

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Since you mentioned you would like to feed all wet, I thought I would suggest Grandma Lucy's. This is a freeze-dried food that is grain-free, no mystery meat or by-products, made in the USA, and all the ingredients are things you would eat yourself. It looks like mashed potatoes with chunks of chicken and stuff in it, and you just add hot water to re-hydrate it. It's kind of like The Honest Kitchen.

In terms of price, it is less expensive than mid-priced canned foods, especially if you tried to match the quality of the ingredients. Obviously it's more expensive than the cheap supermarket brands, but if quality matters you wouldn't be comparing to a supermarket brand.

It took a while to get the cats used to the food. I had to mix other canned food into it for a long time.

This is how I can afford to feed my four cats. I don't think I could afford to feed them their all-wet diet otherwise (they also eat Chicken Soup, and for a treat Tiki and Spot's Stew). I mean, Chicken Soup isn't that expensive, but I can't afford 5-6 cans a day, you know?

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