Does anyone have info on EVO's lawsuit?

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Olivia,- Tanner, &- Finn

The Dyna Cats!
Purred: Wed Aug 10, '11 12:01pm PST 
"Solid Gold is a prime example... The lamb in their basic dry dog food is rather expensive and hard to come by in that quantity... and YES they have been known to throw unknown meat into their product when lamb supply dwindles... That's not to say that what they put in was "bad" but it is also not illegal.. ONLY the percentage of protein is regulated... NOT the source..."

YIKES! I don't feed Solid Gold, but I have a colleague who uses the kibble for her dog. So I'm very interested in/concerned by this. I thought I was pretty up on my pet food but this one threw me. I can't believe this is legal?!!!!!!!!!! To your knowledge are other companies also doing this? And if so, which ones, and is there any way to substantiate it?


I'm the Alpha- cat!
Purred: Mon Jun 17, '13 4:22pm PST 
Today, my settlement check arrived for $43.90.


Growing up with - TORTITUDE
Purred: Thu Jun 20, '13 7:41pm PST 
Yep we got our check also.

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