Dry cat food with NO FISH?

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Purred: Wed Aug 2, '06 6:02pm PST 
Meows - as the title implies, our Staff has finally discovered what I'm allergic to and it turns out to be FISH. My tummy is all happy and no more diarrhea now that I'm getting food with no fish in it.

So, now that we can't have Evo anymore, can anyone recommend a high quality adult cat food (dry) that has no fish in it?

I seem to be ok with chicken, turkey and beef....




The Tigster
Purred: Wed Aug 2, '06 6:29pm PST 
Felidae makes a chicken and rice formula that is only chicken and rice smile www.canidae.com


Mr. DeMille, I'm- ready for my- close up..
Purred: Thu Aug 3, '06 8:38am PST 
Excellent! Thank you. We will give that a shot, although we tried the canned Felidae and us cats turned out noses up at it....


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Purred: Thu Aug 3, '06 10:15am PST 
We eat Natural Balance and boy is it tasty.


They have a couple of different formulas and I don't think either has fish. The regular adult one has lamb, duck & chicken. They also have a special Venison & Green Pea formula for kitties with allergies.

Good luck!


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Purred: Thu Aug 3, '06 12:16pm PST 
California Natural Chicken & Rice


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Purred: Thu Aug 3, '06 4:40pm PST 
California Natural has a chicken & rice dry formula that has no fish. They also have a chicken & rice canned formula and a venison & rice canned formula that contain NO fish. Good luck!