Lucking into a mau

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Purred: Wed Feb 6, '13 5:02pm PST 
I was always against breed specific cats. I couldn't imagine paying for a kitten when so many are being put down.

But then I found Trout at the SPCA. He was an adopted DSH, but between his spots, the gooseberry green eyes, the M and the belly flap I figured he must be pretty pure bred. It distressed me to see all the things I thought were unique about my cat listed as breed characteristics (the fetching, the dog-like personality, the dedication to one person, the giant kitten personality).

We went through a rough last month as a bump turned into mast-cell cancer. I thought we were going to lose him, but he sailed through the operation and the ear-amputation. He even put up with the dreaded cone of doom.

I love Trout more than anyone except my partner, and as much as I was against it, we will only get egyptian maus from now on. I can't believe he's already 15 years old.