Eats anything

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Me Now Me Now Me
Purred: Wed Jul 30, '08 12:30am PST 
My Egyptian Mau pal , Flynn, eats anything: earthworms, moths, peas, moths, birds, teaa, coffee, fruit smoothie. Are other Egyptian Maus like this or it just Flynn?


Keep the food- coming!
Purred: Fri Sep 18, '09 12:07pm PST 
Maynrd's motto is "Keep the food coming!" He will also eat anything including some nonedible things. He discovered that fireflies, however, really taste yuchy. So far that's the only thing he spit out.


That is mine!
Purred: Thu Dec 3, '09 5:04am PST 
Sassy here eats almost anything.

laugh out loud

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Purred: Thu Dec 29, '11 10:25am PST 
Isis will eat all day long if we let her. We also have an abyssisian, Willa. We have had to separate them at dinnertime because Isis would eat all the food & poor Willa didnt' get any!

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Purred: Tue May 13, '14 11:58am PST 
I also have an Egyptian Mau named Isis & an Aby named Willa. What are the chances?

Isis also will eat anything - we can't leave food out 'cause she would eat the whole bowl at one time. Sadly, we lost Willa last year to kidney failure.
Isis is our only furchild now.