What is Iso-Dora's Breed(s)?

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Purred: Thu Nov 8, '12 5:49pm PST 
Iso-Dora - She was love at first sight. She is 11 weeks old.

I adopted her last week but she was only labelled as a "Domestic long Hair/Calico and even though she is a beautiful kitten, it tells me nothing about the breed of cat she is/could be. Domestic being a nicer term for "Breed Unknown".

Over the past week, I and other people have noticed a few physical and personility traits, which has me questioning now - Is Iso-Dora Maine Coon or atleast has some Maine Coon in her?

Physical Traits: View photo's in profile.

Personality Traits:

Very affectionate. Always wanting to be held/cuddled into. Doesn't Meow like normal cats, instead she tries to talk to me (Chirping sounds).

---------> Extremely long Whiskers.

---------> She has a Maine.

---------> She has a fuzzy coat.

---------> She is calico.

---------> Head and ears form a M Shape.

---------> Golden/Yellow (Slight tint of Green) Eyes.

---------> Porportioned Body. Face is round/rectangle front on. Long on Side View.

---------> Five toes on front/Four toes on back.

---------> Loves her belly to be rubbed (like a dog would).

---------> Her fur is White, Black and Red (Orange).

---------> Huge Paws.

---------> She has faints tufts.

---------> Has a curiousity for Water and playing with it.

Photos are on my profile page.