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Devilish- Darling!
Purred: Thu Dec 13, '07 1:50am PST 
If your a Devon Rex or think your a Devon Rex then start your paws typing and say Hello.

Can't wait to hear from all your curly coated Devil Rex's.


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sure is quiet in here....

Charlotte- Lucia

Devon\'s are the- best cats- created!
Purred: Thu Apr 14, '11 9:46pm PST 
I need some practical advice on cleaning kitties ears. Can I just use a damp cloth or do I need to go all out and get the special cleaning solution? Anybody?


Purred: Sun May 29, '11 8:21pm PST 
sorry for the really late response, but to clean Fae's ears i use cotton swabs that i get from petstores. they have some kind of liquid in them so that they're not dry and they pick up the icky stuff in the ears well. check out your local petstore for them. smile there are cloth wipes too.