flamepoint siamese personality

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Purred: Tue Apr 27, '10 11:32am PST 
we got our flamepoint amonth or so ago. he is very young and he is insane. he is obsessed with eating everything - i work in a kitchen and he will dig my shoes out of the coset to try and eat the food bits in the tracks of my soles. the shamrocks in his picture - he ate all the leaves a couple days ago. whenever we open the fridge he bolts into it and tries to get into bread or whatever. when we get pizza, he yanks the crusts off the table and chows down on them (we take it away of course). he will jump on the kitchen counter and try to lick the dirty dishes in the sink... he jumps up on all the counters all the time. does all this sound pretty normal to anyone? will he grow out of this? he is o/w an awesome, beautiful, sweet cat, though our other cat doesn't seem to think so yet. he is very very vocal too. just wondering as this is our first flampepoint. thanks