Chantilly/Tiffany Breed- Help me find a breeder of

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I have been searching high and low and have this far been unsuccessful. If someone would know of a breeder of this cat breed or know of someone who has a Chantilly/Tiffany kitten for sale, I would dearly appreciate your help.


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Sorry, we can not help. But, your local shelter is filled with many, many kitties looking for a home, try one of them, you will not regret it.


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The Chantilly is an EXTREMELY rare breed. There is a Debra Baker who I believe still works with them, and an Annie Davenport...though I can't find a current website or contact info for either.

I found this link: http://chantillycats.wordpress.com/2013/03/30/emberhearth-hershey-nu gget-ltd-of-amorino/

At the bottom, Annie Davenport says that www.amorinocattery.com is a live site, and her comment was posted just a few days ago, so it might be worth bookmarking and checking for updates.

If, as she says, there are only four people in the US working with them and the breed is almost extinct, I suspect it will be almost impossible to get one as a household pet...since the people who DO have them are going to be reluctant to part with them.

What drew you to the Chantilly in particular? If you're looking for a really elegant looking longhaired cat with an easy maintenance coat, the Turkish Van might be a good choice. There is speculation that the Somali was used in the development of the Chantilly, and they certainly have a similar sculpted face with beautiful lines. Either one of those would be easier to find. smile

If you are dead set on a Chantilly, I would start attending cat shows. Chat up some folks there and see if someone knows someone who might have kittens available eventually. If you can get in touch with someone who is 'in the breed' and keep up a friendly contact with them (yay email!) you might luck out down the line and they might think of you when a pet quality kitten comes along.

Good luck!


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I just happened to luck into owning one of these remarkable kitties about 15 years ago! She was in a cage at my vet's office and when I went in to get heartworm pills for our dog she went nuts trying to get my attention! She was only a baby, but she was climbing the cage and reaching out trying to grab my leg and meowing up a storm! I took it as fate and adopted her immediately. At the time I'd never even heard of a Chantilly/Tiffany, but as she got older I tried to find out what breed she might be since she looked so much like a Maine Coon but she has never weighed more than 5 - 5 1/2 pounds and she is super small, which is not typical of Maine Coons. I found the Chantilly Tiffany breed on the internet and the description fit her perfectly! Her name is TieDye and she is now 15 and in declining health. We are trying to keep her medicated for high blood pressure without killing her appetite or having her lose her vision. If I give her the meds she won't eat and has even dropped down to 3.2 lbs. at one point. I've got her back up to 4.2 but she's stuck there. Her sides are sunken in and I can feel her ribs. It's a daily battle but she is SO worth it! She has been the most loving cat I've ever owned, and a little boss too! She rules this roost of 15 other cats, one who even weighs close to 20 lbs.! laugh out loud PS-That's her picture over there

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