Adopting a Kitty - Problems with Consent

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Hello Catster smile

I went to visit a pet store 2 weeks ago, and they routinely have cat adoptions in their store. I met this little kitty and absolutely fell in love. Out of the other kittens there, she was the nicest and sweetest thing!
She's a dilute tortie and only 3 months old (abandoned and was being fostered til she was abandoned again x__X )
I have been thinking of her since, and have been obsessing over the thought of having a pet. (One that is actually mine!)

I know a lot of the responsibilities of a pet, and taking care of them. I have my own townhouse, but my parents come to visit a lot. I asked to adopt the kitten and they flat out said no! (I was heartbroken ugh..)

But then I realized, it's my townhouse! I'm conflicted because on one hand, I love this dear kitty, but now my parents will be very upset if I get her. :/

Could you offer any advice for me? I don't want to adopt her then have my parents effect her well-being by constantly being upset. (They hate cats and love dogs) And returning her would make me feel awful.. But on the other hand, I'd adopt her and she'd be so loved by me and actually help with my stress and depression.



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I guess the biggest questions would be, are you financially independent or are your parents supporting you? I ask because your parents should have a say if they are the ones who would ultimately be paying for food, supplies and veterinary care. Also, do you own your townhouse or do your parents own or co-own it, or if you are renting are they also on the lease or paid toward the security deposit? Is there a chance that your situation might require you to move back into their house within a cat's lifespan (usually 14-20 years)?

Those are the only situations where I would think that they might have any authority over whether or not you adopt the kitty. Otherwise, it's totally up to you. If you open your heart and home to this sweet kitty and your parents decide to visit less as a result, then I guess that would be their loss. Hopefully, though, they'd eventually get over their "hate" and realize that she makes a wonderful companion for you.

Good luck! Keep us posted! hug

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I ended up picking up my sweet girl and I've loved every (sleepless) moment since! smile

My sister decided that we could have her on a trial basis (I'm fostering her atm!) so we can see how she is with my sister's allergies and mine but also with living with us!

I am financially independent though my parents do like to help out when they can. The main reason I was so conflicted was that I visit home for extended periods, weekends/winter break. So I'm worried about where she can go or who can sit her. Since my parents house is off limits. frown
So until I know for sure where she can go or if I can persuade my parents to let her home, I'm a bit stuck :/