Wondering if a Somali is the right cat for me!

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Has anyone on here had a Somali? Are they affectionate and cuddly? I heard that they're affectionate, but only like to be NEAR rather than CUDDLING...also, exactly how active and playful are they? I have a full-time job, but when I am at home I enjoy sitting for long periods of time doing creative things like drawing, writing, and reading or using my computer. My kitty, who recently passed away, would always lie in my arms cuddling me while I did these things, and it was the perfect companionship.

Right now, my family has a dog (Australian Shepherd), who loves cats and would be a good playmate for my kitty while I am away.

I am also interested in Turkish Angoras, and would like to know how they compare to Somalis. (From what I've read, it seems like Turkish Angoras are more relaxed, but I've read different things!) Please keep in mind, I'm not asking for a breed description but rather, I want to hear from owners of these breeds to know firsthand what they are like. smile Feel free to share your experiences with your kitties!

I am also open to suggestions of other cat breeds. My kitty was a domestic shorthair, and he was the best cat ever, so I really would love to get any kind of kitty! I'm kind of debating whether or not I should even pursue a purebred cat, since I just love all cats, mixed, pure or not. (In fact, I'm not sure if I've ever really met too many purebreds!)

Thanks for reading!
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Whatever you decide, please don't BUY a kitty. There are SO many wonderful cats that need homes and often lose their lives because there aren't enough homes to go around. If you must have a specific breed there are rescue groups for almost every kind. Otherwise please visit your local shelter and save a life!


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Yes, I agree with BK, don't buy a cat, get one that needs an urgent home or something, there are so many cats, as BK said. Somali is a beautiful cat, but it depends on a bunch of things.
1. If it will get along with Tybalt, and you.
2. Your personality, cause you can't just adopt a cat, and it doesn't suit you.
3. When you get a cat, if it is off Kijiji, and there is no pic, make sure you get one. And, make sure you have a lot of info, ask questions like "Does he/she scratch furniture?" "Does he/she have a specific food?" Etc etc etc.
4. Make sure you have the right home for he/she, also make sure if there is a specific food, don't change it around to much.
5. If he/she needs a specific litter brand, same as food, don't switch it around to much.

Also, this does not go for all cats, but try not to get scented litter, cause it might throw them off. *****You never know what your cat might like, so try both***** ----This is my opinion, but maybe try a thing or two of what i said big grin----


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To actually answer the question, Somali are sweet and really feel good--but they are very active and playful, not what I would call 'cuddly"; if you want a true lap cat or kitty that will be around all the time wanting affection and not getting intoi everything, this may not be the breed for you. If you want contact with a Somali breeder, they are rare, but I know one personally and you can pmail me. I am a CFA breeder (not Somali) and seriously--I have rescues too, but not everyone wants a 'project' or gamble.


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I agree with Bodrouex, Somali are fun-loving, awesome cats, but more active and playful than cuddly. Then again, there are always those individuals that don't totally fit the mold. You could get in touch with a Somali breeder and tell them what you're looking for, and see if they think you're likely to find it in their breed, or if they have any recommendations for you.