Wanting a "Lap Cat"

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Purred: Fri Dec 28, '12 1:44pm PST 
Well, this is a lot ahead of time, but for my sixteenth or seventeenth birthday (or whenever the time is right), I would like to get a kitten. I'm thinking purebred, because all the cats I've had in my lifetime have been rescues, and I've admired some different breeds for a long long time. smile

One of my favorite breeds right now is the Ragdoll. I've heard a lot of great things about this breed, and I think they are really beautiful, as well. Other favorite breeds include Birmans, Scottish folds, and Burmese or Tonkinese. I realize that each cat is an individual to an extent, even being of the same breed, but I'm looking for a breed that will be good with kids, will cope well with other cats, is pretty easygoing, and very affectionate. I really want a lap kitty that will cuddle with me and want to be near/on me. I can handle long hair, and talkative kitties - I think cats that meow more often than not are more endearing. smile I am not as keen on a very high-energy breed like the Siamese or other Oriental breeds.

My top choice right now being the Ragdoll, I would love to hear from some owners of this breed about what they are like. Are they lap kitties? Or are they more distant? And what breeds might best suite what I am hoping for in a cat? smile

--Hugs, Kyla hug