Young stray found

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Hi everyone. Need some advice. A beautiful young male showed up on my doorstep and I've been feeding and looking after him. He was starving and looked pretty beat up when he first came around. He seems much better now but I think he needs medical attention and I don't think he's neutered. He's very sweet, let's me pet him and I think he trusts me enough for me to get him in a carrier. But here's my dilemma. I already have 3 cats, one who is 15. I don't know if it would be wise to bring in another. So if I bring him to the vet what do I do with him afterward? I've called many shelters and they are all full. I want to give this guy every chance, I think he is very adoptable. I just do not want to put my others in jeopardy. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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If you feel you want to help this kitty, and you have the funds to get him care, i would bring him to the vets, please keep him seperated from your other kitties untill he has the all clear. heres a thought, if you feel you have no space for his forever home why not adopt him for a while, get to know him, socialise and the try to find him a home with a friend family member or someone local? You must be very torn and worried. hope you and all kitties are well. xxxx


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If he is social and you think that he would do fine in a home. Contact the rescues and shelters again, if they are full ask them if they will courtesy post him for you. That's where the animal appears on the shelter/rescues website but the shelter/rescue does not take any responsibility for the animal, they will put your contact info down with the listing and people who are interested in him will be instructed to contact you and that the shelter/rescue has nothing to do with the adoption, medical bills, etc.

If you have the funds, I would try and take him to the vets to get medical attention, neutered, FIV/FeLuk test. Keep him separate from your other animals at least until he's medically clear. If you are worried about him being with your other cats then keep him confined away from your other animals but beware that he will need more play as he will be going from having the whole world to roam to having a room and excess energy can be harmful to your furniture/carpet/walls/etc.

I have fostered cats and some dogs for years. Cats coming from outside tend to be a little crazy the first week or two that they are brought inside, then they tend to calm down. They require a good amount of play and attention as they need to get used to people coming in to say hi and they need to realize that being inside is a great thing.

Even if you cannot bring him inside I would try and take him to a vet and get him neutered so that you dont have kittens in the future.