kitten for not-really-cat-social cat?

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I currently have a divided family. My kitty Yuki doesn't really want other bigger cats too near to her but has been progressing. She is fine as long as they keep a few feet away and don't surprise her. (Thinking this stemmed from being declawed and then thrown into the wild.) She is full grown but still a pretty tiny cat. There are two other cats who get along with each other fine in my household. I have considered getting a kitten in hopes of a companion for the younger cat, who is about 2, to play with but also for Yuki who gets restless by herself. Yuki doesn't really play currently. Hopefully I explained that well enough and included all the pertinent info. Thanks!


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Some cats just do not like company. Maizy here, would be thrilled if she was the only cat - she was for 3 years, but she also did not grow up with a cat family - I raised her from 1 week old. It sounds like your kitty had some trauma, and it takes time for them to overcome things. Maybe a little of an older cat that can still play with your young cat, but is not at crazy as a kitten might work. The last thing you want to do is upset her even more. Maizy will play with the boys once in a while, so it is not totally hopeless - you just have to pay attention to what they all need