Genetics of Munchkin Cat Breeding

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Purred: Sun Nov 28, '10 8:19am PST 
Is the Munchkin cat a mutation or a natural breed? I've always been curious about these cats. They are so funny looking! I love their short little legs. I saw on Cats 101 that they can have some serious health problems though, where their organs are actually crushed by their skeleton! Does anybody know what the genetics are in this breeding? Like I said, I'm just really curious. I don't know if I would ever want to own one, but they are super cute, and I'm kind of considering it in the future.


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Like the Scottish Fold, and some other breeds, a kitten was born, with what some might be considered, a genetic defect. Then somebody else said, hey, lets breed for that. shock

So basicly, a kitten was born like that, no, not a registered purebred cat, more like a barn cat or ferel cat or what ever term you want to use. And somebody said, hey, lets breed for that. TICA accepts the Munchkins for registration and I believe Championship classes. CFA does not.

Here are some links. big grin


http ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Munchkin_(cat)

http://cats.about.com/cs/ breedprofiles/p/Munchkin.htm


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Its the one thing I see wrong with TICA. They tend to take some random mutation and then go and make a breed out of it (a lot faster than CFA). Esp if there are health risks. With Munchkin, there are real health risks as you cannot breed a Munchkin with a Munchkin. I believe there are really serious risks. (I am not sure why this is then purebred?)

I guess this is the case also with Manx and Scottish fold, though they have been around awhile. (No tailless to tailless)