Is a Devon Rex right for me??

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Hi again! It's Danielle. So i was surfing through Kijiji and I found some really adorable kittens. They're Devon Rexs. I have heard of this breed, but i dont know much about them. I asked my friends if they had heard of them and one of my friends had. She told me about people she knew with 2 devon rexs, and they absolutely adore them. She didnt know much about the breed itself though. I guess what I'm asking is for devon rex owners to come forward and tell me some pro's and con's of this breed. I'll tell you a little bit about me, so that you can maybe help me decide if the breed is right for me. There are 4 people in my family. 2 kids, and 2 parents. We are getting a cat because we really wanted a dog, but decided we like the idea of cats better. So we are looking for a very dog-like cat. I have read that devon rexs are very dog like and i really hope that is true because those kittys are adorable! So devon rex owners, please tell me a little bit about your cats. I need your help, ASAP.



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I reread your post and just wanted to add that I'm not sure Kijiji is the best place to buy purebred kittens. No problem with advertising on the Internet (I do it myself), but I'm not familiar with Kijiji (isn't it part of e-Bay? I'm not based in the U.S.). Perfectly good breeders advertise on the Internet, but scammers do, too. Just make sure it's a legitimate deal and do try to see the kittens before forking over any money. And yes, kittens are adorable, but even though I breed cats, I much prefer half-grown or adult cats. They are not as destructive, have distinct personalities, and you know what the cat will look like when it's grown. Not to say that you shouldn't buy kittens, but be suspicious of any breeder who will hand over the kittens before they are 3 months old. They need extra time with their siblings and Momcat to get properly socialized.

As I wrote above, Devon Rexes, likes Sphynxes, are unique-looking critters, so if that look appeals to you, go for it. You might want to check out other cat breeds by going to a cat show. I have too many cats as is, but my experience at shows makes me want to get a Siamese, a Persian, an Oriental Shorthair, a Norwegian Forest Cat...sigh. And don't forget that if you have a good shelter in your area, where the workers know their cats and can match you up with the right one, you might find the cat of your dreams. Good luck!

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Some Devon Rexes were in today's cat show. Cute! One little girl was very, very talkative. If you like talkative cats (I do), DRs might be for you.


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I myself don't actually have a Devon Rex, but I do have a Cornish Rex which is very similar. My Cornish Rex is extremely doglike, as a matter of fact I'm pretty sure he thinks he's a dog. Anywyas, he's extremely extroverted and sociable and very loyal like a dog. He even loves to play with dogs and hates other cats. He's definitely one of the best pets I've ever had and I highly recommend the breed for a family with young kids.