Am I a Maine Coon?

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Has been COTD!
Purred: Wed Jun 4, '08 5:25am PST 
Yes, my great-grandfather was the Number One Maine Coon in the Japanese CFA several years ago (and there are MANY MCs here), and I see him at shows in the Veteran Class sometimes. He's a really handsome silver tabby with gorgeous black eyeliner (oh, my, it sounds like he's a cross-dresser--really, he's very macho).

This is one of the pleasures of having a pedigreed/registered cat. People are generally down on breeders, but without breeders (of course, we like only the nice ones!), this unique way of enjoying cats wouldn't be possible.


♥- Suey- ♥

Purred: Thu Jun 5, '08 6:40pm PST 
Oooh a silver tabby MC? How wonderful! It's something I never realised before I joined Catster, that MCs come in so many different colours. I don't know why it never occured to me. When I saw that you could get tortie MCs, well, that was very cool. As a tortie lover to begin with and great admirer of MCs, I find Leila and Chibi absolutely stunning.


Princess Snow- Belle
Purred: Fri Jun 6, '08 7:24am PST 
Interesting news for poly MCs like Rory:
TICA will be voting on allowing Poly Maine Coons into championship competition: News below from MC group we belong to:

"The current TICA MC Breed Standard does NOT allow Polydactyl MCs to be shownin the CH Class.
The current MC standard includes the following: In accordance with Show Rules, ARTICLE SIXTEEN, the following shall be considered a mandatory disqualification:
"...cats with more than five toes on each front foot and four toes on each back foot, unless proved the result of an injury or as
authorized by a Board approved standard (216.12.2)"
There is no TICA rule disallowing breeders to breed and sell poly kittens. However, this ballot will allow poly cats to be shown alongside normal toed cats in all TICA shows. "

Hope it passes so Rory can be a champ like Harvey!! Paws crossed!

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