I've Got a New Sister

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Purred: Sun May 4, '08 6:32pm PST 
My guardian thought I needed a playmate, and she felt so good adopting me that she decided to adopt another cat from the humane society. Her name is Sassy, and she is a torti, a real pretty girl. She has been here two days now and all she does is hiss at me. I have been trying to approach her and be nice. I know I have to give her time to settle in, after all it has only been a couple of days. However, she is soo skittish.

She likes my guardian to pet her, and she gives her kitty kisses, but a lot of things scare her under the bed. They have kept her in a separate bedroom away from me. When I am sleeping on my guardian's bed, she is let out to explore the rest of the house.

My guardian knew that it would take some time for us to get along, but now she is worried that she is to skittish. Is there hope that she and I will ever get to be friends? Stormy


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Purred: Sun May 4, '08 8:54pm PST 
That is great that you have a new sister!applause
It will take some time though for her to settle in, at least a week- sometimes more. She likes to hid under the bed because she feels safe. Just be very patient and give it time. Keeping her in the separate room is a great idea, then letting her explore when you are asleep is a big help.
Stormy, if you lay on a blanket and then your parents give that one to her to lay on and you use the one she had been laying on that can help mix your scents.
Many families find that feliway pheromone spray helps during introductions.
Just remember everything is new to Sassy, so she is scared- time and patience , and lots of love- thats what you need big grin
Good luck to you and have fun

Benny Grunch

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Purred: Mon May 5, '08 8:00am PST 

So glad you have a sisfur to play with.....as Kiwi said, it just takes time for a cat to adjust to a new home, new people, another cat. The Feliway suggestion is the best - that is what meowmy used when Pete Fountain joined our family. Time and patience will do it, and you two will be playing together in no time!!

Bless your guardians for giving you two kitties a furrever homehughug

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Hooray for your Mom for adopting two cats!!! There is definitely hope that you two will become friends. The advice the others are giving is good. When I came to live here, Mommie kept me in a separate room for a couple of weeks. During that time, she took my bed and brought it in by Bella, and took Bella's favorite blanket and gave it to me. After a couple of days, she let us meet through a little crack in the door, but didn't let us touch each other. Then she started to let me in the main part of the house when she was there. Now we not only get the run of the house, but sometimes Bella and I even sleep next to each other!! She has become my best friend! It takes patience and time. Purrrs, Mufasa


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Well, I think I am making a little progress. Last night I came nose-to-nose with her. She growled a little bit and ran under the couch. Today one of my guardians (the male half) let us out together in the living room. I was able to give Sassy a lick on the head, I got that close. She hissed and ran off, but that's better than nothing. Stormy

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MOL it took my sisfur and I TWO MONTHS to become friends. It will be okay, just give it time.