Tortie alert! I am a "hot tortie"!

If you are wondering what is the right cat for you, this is the place to be. In this introductory forum we talk about topics such as breed vs. mix, size, age, grooming, breeders, shelters, rescues as well as requirements for exercise, space and care. No question is too silly here. This particular forum is for getting and giving helpful, nice advice. It is definitely not a forum for criticizing someone else's opinion, knowledge or advice. This forum is all about purring and learning.

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Proud mother of- the Gang of- Four!
Purred: Sat Apr 19, '08 12:45am PST 
...Uh, no, this isn't a singles ad. My Meowmy, who is WILD about us torties and thought she was something of an expert (hubris, hubris...) just read this:
"The primary color on most torties is black. The amount of red can vary from just a few toes to lots of obvious red. It is rare but some torties have more red than black. They used to be called "reverse torties" or a "Hot" tortie."
(Source: http://www.pandecats.com/x/colors-tortie.htm)

My OCD Meowmy chose me because my coloring is the reverse of that of my sister, Leila, and she wanted us as a SET (can you say "tacky"?). Leila is a classic black tortie and white, with a half black/half red face, and a torso that is mostly black with smudges of red. She has touches of red on her legs. My face is like hers (except that the red and black halves are reversed--it's like looking into a mirror), but my torso is red with smudges of black, and my legs are black. I always thought I was a bit unusual-looking (most tortie and white photos look like Leila), but now I know I'm special! And "HOT"!!! Heh heh heh. Anybody wanna be my boyfriend? (Platonic relationships only, please. Must share an interest in psychopharmacology, cryptozoology, and the epidemiology of cat diseases.) big grin


Proud mother of- the Gang of- Four!
Purred: Sun Apr 20, '08 10:45am PST 
Obviously, this is not a topic of burning interest to most Catsters, but on the same website as the one where I found the information in my last post, I found the following Q & A between an exhibitor and cat show judge:

"Topic: Hot Torties

Question: I have a question about hot torties. I know what the standard says but I have a really hot one. She is just wonderful in every way except she has more red in her coat than black. What do you all think about showing her?

Answer: Our show standard describes the tortoiseshell color as "black with patches of red or softly intermingled areas of red on both body and extremities. Presence of several shades of red acceptable". A hot Tortie or a reverse Tortie appears more like a red cat with patches of black through it's coat. So you girl will be penalized for a color flaw. Color is worth 20 points in total. Some judges may penalize her severely. Some would overlook her color if the rest of her is outstanding. I have certainly seen more than one hot Tortie grand over the years. So let her other good points be rewarded. Yes, I would go ahead and show her. My own philosophy of judging has always been to look at structure first, and color second. "

This site is specifically dedicated to Persians, so I'm not sure whether the judging standards are the same for Maine Coons or not. One thing that can be said for sure is that color is always of secondary importance to body and head structure. Right now, I'm still a bit on the small side (but I have big feet, which should mean that I'll grow at least as big as the average female Maine Coon), but I do have a well-defined muzzle and very nice ears; like Leila, however, I do lack the proper degree of concavity in my noseline, although I don't have quite as much of a "Roman nose" as she does. Only time will tell as to how well I'll do in the show ring. Meanwhile, my Meowmy loves me to bits because I'm so affectionate and such a BIG purrer! cheer Oh, it looks like it's time for our midnight snack! happy dance


The Tiny 4- Parade!
Purred: Sun Apr 20, '08 6:12pm PST 
> Obviously, this is not a topic of burning interest to most Catsters


I guess I have two hotties living with me! wink


World's Loudest- Purrrrrrer
Purred: Sun Apr 20, '08 9:57pm PST 
We're all girls here, but thought we'd drop a note that you are just
adorable!! Lilly's got a lower amount of the light orange, but not
that much red... a lot of black and like ONE tiny splotch of white...
she's just weird though... mol!

Angel- Piewackit

Tortietude? Yep- I have it!!
Purred: Tue Apr 22, '08 8:26pm PST 
Yeah, girls here too. But, we just had to say that you sure are a pretty kitty.


will buff floors- for fud
Purred: Wed Apr 23, '08 9:22am PST 
Already had Leila noticed and coralled before,she is beautiful,and she has got some fans at home,showed sister and dad Leilas' photo and they both said she's a lovely looking cat!

Chibi has the super model look,when she is older she will be ultra huggable and will no doubt be an accidental kitty floor buffer on any wooden/varnished flooring.

Despite what those show officials say in that comment,atypical torties are completely flawless,the entire cat species are flawless,it's the human projecting their own flaws onto the cat that is the flaws,not the cat itself [the completely biased Biscuitus torticus theory,2008].


Proud mother of- the Gang of- Four!
Purred: Wed Apr 23, '08 1:39pm PST 
Oh, thank you, Biscuit. And belated but sincere thanks for the rosette you gave me--my Meowmy has terrible manners and never sends her thank-you notes on time. Thanks also for the "super model look" comment." Heh heh heh. I do have that certain facial structure that is necessary on the runway.

You too are an awesome tortie! Torties unite!

As for judges...the whole show world is very artificial. You'd think that I'd get points for having a coloration that's statistically rarer than a black-based tortie, but NOOOO, I have to get penalized for it. The owner who picks their cats on the basis of personal preference often finds him- or herself with a cat that's not necessarily going to win in the show ring. I love torties, but it's a lot harder to win with a tortie female than with a 20 pound brown tabby male. It's a dilemma.

And yes, ALL cats are beautiful. That's one reason we love them. (Question: do they think WE'RE beautiful?)


Little boy in a- cat suit
Purred: Thu Apr 24, '08 12:15pm PST 
I think you're incredibly beautiful. My interests may be a bit more mundane than yours: mostly, I'm interested in lounging in the sun (when we have it), stealing toys from my kitty sister and my human one, getting lots of love, and eating. I also enjoy waking my mother up several times a night, as I have separation anxiety and get very nervous when the people start sleeping.

But, since my mom has mild OCD (just enough for her to count the number of times she checks the alarm clock, oven timer, car lights, etc. - which must be three), major panic disorder and lots of interesting quirks that some may call neuroses, but I just call cute, I always enjoy reading what your family have to say.

I think the fact that you are the reverse of your sister is amazing. And, although I have not personally known any torties, Mommy had one named Sasha for 19 years. Mommy says she was full of spit and fire, but was not a "hot" tortie. She did have lots of interesting personality traits, like mumbling to herself, hissing at anyone other than mommy or my human sister, and peeing on the floor to show her distaste. She also helped mommy pick my daddy. Sasha had very bad taste in men, only liking the ones that had serious issues or problems. So, when she hated my daddy, mommy took this as a good thing.


Loki the Maine- Coon Cat
Purred: Thu Apr 24, '08 4:50pm PST 
My sister Maggie and I have an older 1/2 sister named Meadow who is a tortie. She was very beautiful- she was our nanny cat- she took care of us before we went home with Mama and Daddy. She liked to pretend the kittens were hers, especially when our mother cat was tired of us hanging on her!!
When Daddy and Mama saw her on the sofa (watching TV) at our breeders home they were awestruck by her~they had never seen such a boldly marked MC tortie-lots of red. She was very sweet too. A very good nanny cat!


Proud mother of- the Gang of- Four!
Purred: Fri Apr 25, '08 9:13am PST 
Binks--(blush)--thanks for calling me beautiful! I'm a big girl now (6 months!) and have developed a nice bushy Maine Coon tail. I wish Meowmy would get around to posting her more recent photos, but it's one of her alphabet soup diseases that's getting in the way. OCD? Ha! When Meowmy has to get up extra early, she sets 5 alarm clocks, all for different times approximate to the time she wants to get up, and then HIDES some of them, so she will have to search for them to turn them off, which, in theory, will keep her from going back to bed. One of the alarm clocks has a bell so loud that when it rings everyone in the bedroom (4 cats, 1 human) jumps straight up into the air. But her worst obsession is the gas line to the stove. She checks it before leaving the house, of course, but sometimes comes back to make sure that it's off. And comes back again. And again. And again. Her record was 63 times. She's a lot better now, probably because she's older and just doesn't have the stamina for that foolishness. So you can see why we're all sorta nervous, too.

BTW, we LOVED the way Sasha chose your Daddy! Smart cat!

And Loki--thanks for joining us! I didn't know you had a tortie relative! I don't know if torties are generally good "nanny" cats, but they produce kittens in a great variety of colors, which is fun.

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