Should I get another cat?

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I'd really like to get another cat but I'm just curious whether it's smart when I have a cat that is used to being the only cat around. Should I just forget getting another cat altogether, if not would having another cat make it better when we leave Tyger at home when we go on vacation? That way she would have company? Sometimes we go on vacation for up to two weeks and have my mom check on Tyger everyday to every other day and take care of her when she has the time.


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Well, it all depends on Tyger--and which kitty you adopt!
When my Meoma adopted me, I seemed so needy when she came home after work that it made her decide to get another kitty. Besides, I like to hang out, but not too much petting at one time, and don't do lap sitting at all, ever, and Meowma likes that mushy stuff.
Anyway, Meowma knows I'm sort of reserved, and so looked and looked for a kitty that seemed to really like being in a bunch in the shelter cat-zebo. After several visits, she brought home Zip, and after visiting through the door for only 2 days, we were best buds and even shared a bed. But Meoma also felt that Zip would pe perfect for her SO's daughter who was begging for a kitty and had never had one. So Zip went there, and Meowma got BooBoo who was in a very bad situation but is a super sweet kitty. Well, we fell in love under the door and all--but you know how silly kitties are. When I actually SAW BooBoo it scared me to death, and I'm still leery of her even though she has quit paying much attention to me. shock I think it will be ok, eventually, but I still want Meowma to put BooBoo in the separate bedroom when she isn't here to guard me. That was we can visit under the door crack all night without me having to get all scared.
Anyway, the more kitties the merrier. Just make sure they pick one that's compatible with you--not a shape, size or color that scares you. We eventually learn to at least tolerate, and usually get friendly. Very few kitties batle forever!

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My mom is a big believer that two cats is easier than one. They have each other to play with and keep company.

If you decide to adopt. Explain to the volunteers or staff what your personality is. They can probably help you find a kitty that will mix well with your family. That is what mom did when she adopted my brother and they were right. Now that she volunteers she knows the personalities of the kitties and who does better at what type of situations.

good luck.

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Yah, the last poster said it all. You need to find a kitty that matches your purrsonality. When the humans furst brought Charlie Anne home, I was not a happy furcamper! I snubbed them for a bit, and pouted. Now, everything is okie dokie. laugh out loud I know your kitten will be a lot happier.


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Thanks guys! I'd really like to get another cat. Tyger is kind of reserved but she is wild, but she also hasn't been fixed yet so that may be part of the wild thing. I think once she's fixed and the dogs grown up and fixed we will see how our situation is. I really am dieing for a second cat though. I've never had more than one cat at once, and I think I'd enjoy watching them interact and be, well, CATS! We bought a house in july and ever since Tyger has had her own room where she stays at night and during the day when we aren't home(we have a bearded dragon in the living room she likes to try to get). We are starting to fix the room into basically a full out cat room. We are putting up high shelves and stuff to climb and hanging toys from springs on the ceiling. Basically kitty paradise, it's really nice having that extra room for her but I think she'd be even happier with another kitty, cause she likes to be with Maya our puppy, but Maya is too rough on her so we are constantly seperating them.

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