Boy cat ?

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Veni,vidi,vici- ...
Purred: Sat Mar 15, '08 12:36pm PST 
I am a boy and I am ultra clean never sprayed. I know my Mommy likes boys best so maybe one day I will have a brother when she stops sneezing.....as far as going outdoors to chase the girls I can't because lots of coyotes here!!!


Everyone loves- an orange tabby.
Purred: Sat Mar 15, '08 1:50pm PST 
There are three boys here.
They're nasty before they get fixed, so I advise you do it as soon as you can.
But, none of my boys have EVER tried to get out.
So, you may or may not have a problem with it.

Arthur (Miss- You!- '93-'09)

Bucket of Fuzz

Purred: Sun Mar 16, '08 12:15am PST 
I was neutered as soon as my mom adopted me (I was about 7 months old). I've never sprayed!

I do love to try to get outside, though. Even though I've always been primarily an indoor cat (mom lets me & the sibs go out sometimes in good weather, but on tethers attached to harnesses and we aren't allowed to roam). There's something about the outdoors that just appeals to me! I'm not looking for a mate or to fight with other males, but I love being outside. Sometimes I slip out and mom has to chase me down. laugh out loud

Neutered male cats tend very affectionate and cuddly, at least in our family's experience. And as long as you have them neutered before they start spraying, the advantages of having a male kitty far outweigh any negatives.

Good luck!! kitty


Little boy in a- cat suit
Purred: Sun Mar 16, '08 10:30am PST 
Of all of mommy's cats, she has not seen that boy cats tend to try to get out more than girl cats. More so, her cat, Abbie, was the queen of trying to get out - whereas, I am a mere prince.

In Loving- Memory of- Spot

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Purred: Mon Apr 14, '08 11:56am PST 
That hasn't been true for us- and we have THREE boys here.
(help me, now)
But, anyway, I advise getting them fixed ASAP.
And it STINKS.
With the males we have here, for a while, they were spraying everywhere! Until they got fixed, which ended the problem.
But, anyway, onto what I was going to say, our males NEVER want to explore. Once, Gypsy left the house, DARTED right back inside between Daddy's legs! It was HILIRIOUS!!!
I'm a girl cat, spayed and I LOVE to explore more than any male cats I've ever dwelled with.
It depends on the cat.
Not the gender of the cat.

EDIT- Just relized Noble already posted- oh well, now you got my opinion twice. XD

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