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I have a wonderful cat, Lacey, a Burmilla. Does any one else have one? They are a mix of Burmese and a Chincilla and established as a breed in 1984, but not recognised by the CFA yet...not enough breeders in the US. I'll post of photo of her on my page here.
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Yes I own many burmillas and I breed them here in Australia, you can visit my website on www.aaralyncattery.com


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i know its been a long time for this post, but i have a burmilla, too. I only discovered what she was two weeks ago. I thought she was a full breed burmese until I looked her up in a cat book at Barnes and Noble. I can't find any other Burmillas because there is not a catagory for them on this site. Please let me know if there are any others out there. I love them and want more!!! They are so beautiful!